There is a different kind of generosity that has nothing to do with handing out money left and right. Or with the giving of any material things at all, for that matter. I am talking about being truly generous with your time, friendship, love and support. I am talking about the kind of generosity where you keep nothing to yourself for your own protection. We all like to think of ourselves as good friends, colleagues and partners. We share our knowledge, skills and wisdom with those we love and care about.

But be honest now.

Do you really give away your best ideas? Do you tell people about that special trick or insider tip that has helped you to get ahead? Do you tell others where the shortcuts are, even though you had to take the long route yourself? Are you genuinely happy for others around you, even when it means that they get ahead of the game while you fall behind? I know I am not the only one struggling with this. Fear tells us to hold on for dear life, to cling to that one thing that gives us an advantage, whether it’s a skill we’ve learned or an inspiring mentor we’ve found. We desperately want to keep that trick up our sleeve to pull out when times get tough. The irony of course, is that the things we cling to in order to get ahead are the very things that are holding us back.

I grew up in an environment where a scarcity mindset was the ethos of our existence. We had to elbow our way forward, be the fastest, fiercest and loudest in order to get our needs met, whether we were fighting for love, attention or food. It was not, by any stretch of the imagination, an atmosphere of generosity. So I had to unlearn what I knew (and am very much still doing that). And guess what I discovered along the way?

It is so incredibly liberating!

Once you openly share your experience and give away the knowledge and all those ideas you think protect you, you can truly let go. There is no longer a need to control anyone around you. There is no need to keep checking what others are doing or how successful they are. There is no need to compare and compete.

Out of all the possible tricks to learn, you will know the most important one and the only one that matters. And it’s one that nobody can take away from you;

It’s only by being truly generous, by giving freely and unconditionally that you can thrive.

It is only when you stop measuring, counting and making sure that you are getting your fair share that you will get the full and rich life you deserve.

It’s only when you realize that there are no limits that you can go beyond your own limitations.

It’s only when you understand that your success and your happiness isn’t relative to others’ that your fear will step down and let you take the lead.

When you are brave enough to give it all away, there is nothing left to fear.

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