The internet is populated by billions of people around the world, and it’s a virtual world where anyone can connect with anyone. The World Wide Web has transformed communication in today’s world with every system shifting to the digital landscape. Internet marketing, social networking, email, web browsing and what not, the internet leads everywhere and is the dominant service in our lives which we constantly consume.

Internet users have developed different ways to have an online presence. From social media profiles to blogs and websites, all of these ways have considerably worked for most people. However, in order to engage in these activities is no simple business, especially when it’s about running a blog.

Blogging has piqued internet trends and many people now run successful blogs. From The Art of Manliness, The Four-Hour Work Week to Anthony Tutorials, these are examples of successful blogs on the internet. Here is why you may need to climb the blogging bandwagon today:

Portfolio: If you are an artist, writer, photographer or basically an expert of anything, you should have an online portfolio and the best way is to have a blog. Take the example of Anthony Guevara, who is the founder of Anthony Tutorials. Anthony is a talented photographer whose sheer skill and expertise is well applauded by his audience. Anthony likes to connect with his fans via his blog. He uses it to communicate his ideas and share tutorials on different photography tips and tricks. He has written posts which can be helpful for anyone with a knack for photography.

Business potential: Blogging can be a full-time career if done right. Although there is no guarantee of success and many people who start out blogging ultimately crash out and fail, it is still a rewarding way to pursue your entrepreneurial interests. All modern-day businesses have blogs and many blogs have been turned into businesses. With many monetizing opportunities including influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, banner ads, sponsored content, etc. it is a good way to make money!

Way to connect with the audience: If you run a service or create products, your audience should be able to reach you out online. While having a social media presence is really beneficial but it’s rather limited on social media protocols. Have a blog where you can host an audience and extend your brand’s services. Write blog posts and make videos, so that your audience can engage with your brand’s content and get to know you better. You can win over the audience, market your products or services, drive sales, and altogether bridge strong communication with your target market. Plus, it also builds your accountability as consumers would take you seriously if you reach out and do something more than what is being already done.


  • Oscar Shepherd

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