Things have to fall apart to be reborn. It is part of the so-called circle of life. Death must precede birth. The leaves in the autumn must fall off the trees to make room for the new ones to spring up all green. The flowers need to wilt in the winter before they can bud again in the spring. The apple trees must let loose of all the apples in order to produce more. All around us nature promises us that it is okay to let go. It is okay to die. It is okay to fall apart. It is okay to feel as if everything is just wilted and non-fruitful. Most of the time that dead winter space of cold and nothing is growing. Matter of fact, it is doing the opposite….that is always right before the largest growth forward. It is as if we must take a step back in order to continue forward in a way that is more profitable for us. As I watch the beautiful leaves turn all kinds of amazing colors…I am reminded change can be beautiful. As I watch the leaves fall off the trees…I am reminded that change can mean letting go. As I watch the leaves crumble and blow away…I am reminded that change is part of a process of dying one part of ourselves to open up to a new part to be born. 

I feel so often we view change with the perspective of it inconveniencing us or that it is taking away something from us. All the while that might be true, but the deeper reason it must happen is so we no longer stay where we are. We need to grow. We need to shift. We need to change. We need to create a new and better way for ourselves. If we aren’t feeling uncomfortable we might need to make sure we are growing. Growth will push us. It will create a change for us that might be hard. Might be painful. Might be letting go of something that we held onto up until now, because we cannot reach what is before us if we keep our hand on what is behind us. 

Let go of what no longer serves you. Dead friendship? Let it go. Dead relationship? Let it go. Dead end job? Let it go. It is time to step into your full worth. It is time to shift into the paradigm. It is time to create a new you from the lessons you learned from the old you. We should never want to just stand still and not move forward, but in order to move forward we have to die to the old ways, the old patterns, the old habits, the people who hold us back, the limiting beliefs….It is all part of releasing so that we can become new and empowered. 

Today, I sit here in my office and look at the sun shining. I hear the children playing in the park down below. It is sunny and warm for an autumn day. I can see the wind blowing through the trees. I can see the leaves turning orange. Every once in a while I see a stray leaf fall to the ground. I take time to take it all in. To soak in the change of seasons. To soak in that change is good. Change is necessary. There are seasons to all of our lives. Some people are brought into our life for a season to help us at that point in time. Some events happen for a season. Some relationships only last a season. Everything has a season. It doesn’t make it bad or good. It just is. We cannot progress into the next season if we are still hanging onto the one season that it is no longer time for in our lives. Don’t resist the change. Let the seasons change in your life, just as the weather outside does. When it starts to change…notice the winds of change…be grateful for the season you are departing from….soak in the memories…release the bad times….note the lessons…and then, only then fully embrace the new season of life.