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“In the New Thought philosophy, the Law of Attraction is the belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person’s life” (Wikipedia)

That sounds something that not everyone is very open about, doesn’t it?

I grew up in a Communist country where all types of ”special beliefs” did not really have a place. If you told me this 10 years ago, I would immediately send you away!

But life has paved the way, through all its events that one might experience in a lifetime, for me to reach and receive this idea.

I crossed the book “Law of Attraction” by Esther and Jerry Hicks in 2015. And since then, it has become my most favorite book. Each time I felt down, I needed to open it. And each reading brought more and more layers of reflection. I experience always more positive energy and fulfillment in the way I live the rest of my life.

How I applied the Law of Attraction to overcome burnout? Below are three easy things you can practice daily.

Focus your attention to what you want, not what you don’t want

Every thought has two faces. One is what you want. The other is what you don’t want.

When you are in burnout, you want to rest. And you don’t want to be tired. You will tell me that they seem to be the same thought. But they aren’t. Focus your thoughts on “resting” to bring positive energy and vibration. And that attracts that reality to you. On the contrary, if you tell yourself all the time that you are tired, your state of vibration will keep you remain in that reality.

Effort is your enemy

Start immediately to give yourself the right to rest when you experience extreme fatigue. Do you know that by resting, you accomplish more things than doing a big effort? This is because, when you do an effort, your inner-being has resistant vibration. If you succeed in bringing yourself positive vibration thanks to the fact that you can relax, and enjoy, your reality will shift.

In October 2018, I wrote to my family, saying that I was extremely tired and feel horrified by going to work. The same day, I had only one wish: to be able to stay at home.

I was at first so afraid that taking leave would have a negative impact on my job. I was fearful of being laid off, for example. But with the Law of Attraction, I knew that the negative effects would only come if I gave them my thoughts.

I decided to take a leave the same day. And afterward researched the legislation to find ways to have a long rest. No period of resting ever did such a good to my physical and mental state. And thanks to that, I found positive energy and thoughts that helped me quickly recover.

Always find a better thought, how small it can be

When I came back from sick leave, life seemed to continue! I had no other choice than to restart working. You might imagine how I felt. Difficult to be motivated. However, instead of focusing on this feeling, I put all my attention on the most positive things. Gratitude to still have a job to pay my rent. I had nice colleagues. I had a nice car… Those were good feeling thoughts that helped me move on in the meantime to build my online business that I am enjoying so much today.

My best advice would be to go general when you feel negative emotions. It will help to find better thoughts. And with even a very small better feeling, you’re already in the right direction.

Those were the reasons why you should never say “I’m tired” but “I want to rest” – The Law of Attraction helped me overcome burnout, and continues to give me positive energy, fulfillment, and joy. Amazing, isn’t it? Why don’t you just try right now?

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