I have noticed something about reading that’s not cool_ people read stuff to the exclusion of doing stuff.

Reading about stuff is not synonymous with doing stuff_ but isn’t that what most bloggers perpetuate with their posts.

Caveat: the more you read without doing, the less you achieve without knowing.

Those who make things happen are doers_ not readers.

Hold on a bit.

They read too. But it doesn’t end there. There’s how they read that makes their life so unique: they read for course correction.

What a clever approach they have for knowledge.

That’s how to leverage on the brains of others.

That’s what it’s actually about. That’s how you can summon the minds of others to make you succeed.

What Happens When You Decide To Read Less and Act More ?

There are a few things that begins to happen when you chose this approach to reading books and articles.

The summary of what happens is that you step into the class of those who create stuff worth telling about.

The shape of the world is by actions taken that caused a change_ not by reading, alone.

Check the posts you read_ they are stories of those who did something with what and who they are.
You already have what it takes to do stuff why keep reading to start?
Just start;that’s where the secret of success is.

The secret of success is in acting and course correcting as you go.

That’s why you should do more this month than read…