The world of yoga has brought repose to so many in the world and the numbers are growing with each year. As people come to reap the benefits of practicing yoga every day, they realise the importance of this holistic practice. If you have been a yoga practitioner you’d have come across the thought of becoming a yoga instructor.

And why would you not? The benefits of yoga are best shared, because only when you try to change the world around you to a healthier and a heartier space, does it change in its ideals.

Yoga practitioners are in the lookout for better spaces with better air-quality to receive training in this practice. There are a plenty of destinations that offer Yoga with an amazing air quality. Health retreats in Thailand are famous for their location as well as yoga programs. This beautiful country with its paradise beaches is a heaven for yoga vacations. Yoga retreats in Thailand give you the best of both worlds a relaxing vacation as well as the aesthetics of the ocean and the calming ocean breeze.

Hatha yoga in a more generic sense holds all the forms of yoga that work on the physical postures along with the breathing component of yoga.

‘Ha’ in Sanskrit translates to the “sun” and ‘Tha’ translates to “moon”, Hatha is therefore a yogic practice that works on balancing the opposites.

It is essentially the form of yoga that stimulates various energy channels in your body to transform mental and physical wellness. Hatha yoga works on aligning the chakras of your body by working on every aspect of your physical as well as mental obstacles by using breath (which is the main principle behind hatha yoga) as a means to this alignment.

Hatha yoga is essentially a practice that opens an avenue to explore the following limbs of yogic practices:

  • Pratyahara (withdrawing the senses)
  • Dharana ( concentration)
  • Dhyana (meditation)
  • Samadhi (absorbing this balance)
  • Makes a stronger spine:

Here are some benefits of Hatha yoga. These are some reasons as to why you must try Hatha Yoga:

The spinal cord is what holds the largest network of nerves that hold the different organs in our body. If your spine is stiff and not flexible, the nerve impulses from the different parts of your body are unable to flow freely. This inability to freely flowing nerve impulses may cause diseases that one may not even feel. You may not know when something is going wrong in your body functions. When your spine is supple and flexible, your nerves remain supple and flexible too. This in turn keeps health risks at bay.

  • Relaxation of the body and the relieving of tension from the mind:

Hatha yoga works on breathing and breath control. Whether you are performing a complicated pose or an easy one, the key is to breathe freely and comfortably. This breath-work helps calm the mind and relieve the tension from your mind. The body follows lead and relaxes as the life-source (prana) flows throughout the obstacles of your body parts and tension areas. By letting prana freely flow throughout the areas of your body you are allowing your body to heal with the help of this life-force.

  • Immunity strengthening:

The lymphatic system is responsible to fight diseases and carry the immune system in the body. When you perform yogic postures and asanas, your organs, and muscles undergo stretching that allows the lymphatic system to drain and not get congested. This draining takes along harmful toxins to flow out of your system and hence makes the immune system stronger in one’s body.

  • Works on curbing unhealthy cravings:

When a body is unhealthy and off-balance, it experiences all these cravings like overeating, over thinking, over sleeping, wanting to drink or smoke more often, or taking in more amounts of sugar. Yoga restores this essential balance in one’s body. This curbs all these crazy cravings that you may experience as a sign of unhealthy habits.

With the practice of Hatha yoga you will experience an overall good health where you sleep soundly, eat when you are really hungry, better functioning of the organs, a healthy digestion and routinely eliminating waste from your body.

Hatha yoga has all-encompassing betterments for one’s body, so go ahead and try some of these benefits for your own self to make way to a better health and a better you!