I am the father of a wonderfully abundant three-year-old daughter that brightens up me and my wife’s life every day. She has taught me a lot of lessons over the years that I wouldn’t want be without. Lessons that we seem to forget when we are older.

She has taught me to smile as a smile is infectious. Just think when you see a smile you feel already better just seeing the smile.

Of course, getting told “I love you daddy” by such an amazing person makes any day better which is a reminder to make sure that you tell your loved ones you love them as well as you know how good it feels to receive that.

Cuddles are the best and can be something that becomes a fleeting memory when they get older so getting as many cuddles can help you forget that incident today at work.

Spending quality time with your early-age children leads to a more confident child later in life. 

When you combine this with play inside and outside to stimulate interaction with numbers, letters and vocabulary it leads to an advantage in later education stages.

So ask yourself can I be more present with my kids this weekend?

I know what I am doing. I will be in Legoland to enjoy, escape and inspire.


  • Mark de Rijk

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