Struggling with low body confidence?

Size HH mindset changes

Like many of us, you may have tried various diets and exercise programs but found them too exhausting to keep up with. Perhaps they don’t give the results you really want.

Even if they do, it can be hard work to maintain those results for long before feeling like you are back at square one. 

You are more than a number.

A clothing size does not define how body confident someone is. People of all shapes and sizes can feel disgusted by their own body…

It’s not our size, shape, or weight that defines confidence and personality, yet without realizing we have let ideal weights and clothing sizes effect how we feel and what we think is normal, or most attractive.

As most of us don’t match the perfection that is falsely advertised, it has dented the confidence of millions of women and raised the bar impossibly high for our younger generations.

Guess where it all started? Companies who sell products, marketers that know they will sell more if they play on emotional vulnerability, and the media who make sure we all get to know about it.

I’m not sure about you, but according to retail, I am three different sizes depending on what shop I am in, so I will never let a clothing size effect how I view my body. I also love fashion and cosmetics, but I know that as far as my figure is concerned, NONE of this stuff will truly lift my inner confidence. The only thing that can do that is the power of my own mindset.

Where deep confidence is built

Absolutely everything begins with your thoughts, so if you really want to make any kind of change to the way you look or feel, you must start there.

No diet or exercise program can do this for you. Consciously adopting the right mindset and practicing it regularly, will give you a head start to feeling the best you have ever felt, guaranteed.

‘I wish I didn’t care what people think, but I do’.

It is natural to care what others think to some extent, but the right mindset will steer you away from persistent negative thoughts, on to something much better.

The Size Happy and Healthy mindset is not about being perfect or super healthy, it is about being balanced and knowing your worth enough to want to treat your body well inside and out.

It’s feeling an inner confidence that focuses on your good points rather than the not so good points. It’s being a healthy size you are truly happy with and making the best of your unique shape.

Kanye self love

Know your worth…

It’s not necessarily about loving yourself like Kanye loves himself (although if you do, more power to you!), but it’s having an inner peace with your body and mind.

Yes, we all have flaws, yes we might not be exactly where we want to be health or fitness wise yet, but the possibility to feel genuinely confident in your skin is 100% possible, no matter what your current physical or mental state.

Chrissy Teigen

You may not yet have the embrace-it attitude of Chrissy Teagan when it comes to stretch marks and jiggly bits, but that’s fine! You can still treat yourself so good that skin and scars heal so much that you will look at the areas fondly, as a reminder of how far you have come.

It’s in our nature to want to feel good, but I promise it does all start with your mindset. No diet, product or surgery will get you there if you can’t change how you see yourself. As Wayne Dyer says –

‘Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change’

That is so true. Our brains love creating habits and sometimes we get stuck thinking the same thoughts for so long that we actually start to believe them! Time to create a new mindset and some new habits to play with.

Size Happy & Healthy

Size Happy and Healthy mindset is a feeling of freedom! Forget conventional clothing sizes or weights on the scales, it means nothing for body confidence. 

As long as you are a healthy size you are happy with then that is what really matters!

All this stressing about our weight and flaws is not good for the heart, or for the younger generations to watch.

Having that inner confidence means the freedom to focus on other things and appreciating bodies for what they are, not for what the media makes them out to be.

Don’t get stuck in the same old patterns or think you are destined to feel the same forever. You CAN feel great in your body and make the most out of your unique figure without doing anything drastic or depriving yourself of food.

The sooner you start practicing a new mindset, the sooner you will start to see and feel the positive effects on your body from the inside out.