The most basic principle we have all learned is: What you water, grows. Then whether it is flowers or negativity. Similarly, if you constantly think about happiness, then you will start seeing it everywhere. And when you see negativity in everything, then your life also comes under the shadow of negativity. 

We humans quickly get used to any bad thing and make it our habit.  For instance,  when we often hear swear words, we get used to it and after some time it sounds cool to us.

Similarly, when we bring bad thoughts to our mind and think it continuously, we get used to it. And after some time our mind only wanders to terrible things because we have made ‘negative thinking’ our habit. 

Our habit is never consciously formed, but always unconsciously. We do not even realize that we are prone to it. 

Therefore, get out of anywhere or anything that leads you to an undesirable place, before you become comfortable in it or make a habit of it.

“With simple consciousness, you can win over your negative thoughts”.

2 Powerful Ways to Stop Having Negative Thoughts

Reflect On Your Thoughts 

According to the National Science Foundation 2005 research, an average person in a day has about 60,000 thoughts, and 80% of them are negative.

However, you cannot completely stop the flow of negative thoughts, but you can reduce its frequency by knowing what you are thinking.

When you focus and analyze your thoughts, the frequency of negativity will decrease from your daily life.

The realisation is the first step to end it. Start paying attention to when and where you get mostly negative thoughts. Whether in a meeting, when going to a new place, talking to people, thinking about the future or other. When you understand its root, you will be able to block its source.

Replace Old Thoughts With A New One

The most effective way to change your negative thoughts into positive is to replace it with new ones.

If you are afraid of failing an exam or unable to perform well in a meeting, replace it with thinking about your skills, or thinking about achieving the intended goal. Instead of flowing with negativity, think you can perform well.

It will not happen in a day, but with the constant effort, it will become your habit.


Remember, it is not bad to have negative thoughts. Conversely, negative thoughts are the force behind your development. Because negativity is mostly formed from your hidden fear. Therefore, if you control your fear, negative thoughts will also be reduced, leaving room for development.