I hate to-do lists.

In fact, I think you should throw yours out.

I’m dead serious.

If you think I’m kidding—or you’re as frustrated with your to-do list as I was—then watch the below video to see what you need to do next!

Here’s the deal: Being the Best is actually about doing LESS, not MORE.

So I want you to replace your to-do list with something else, something that will get you MUCH closer to living out your dream.

It gave me a LOT more freedom in my business and life, and I know it will do the same for you.

Take Action:

Once you watch this video, you’ll discover what I call your “never do list.” I’ll also tell you the two things on mine.

I want to hear from you: What’s ONE thing you’re going to put on your “never do list?” Leave me a comment below to make a public declaration that will get you one step closer to living out your dream.