Nature-based tourism is learning about nature with travelling. Therefore it is not merely travelling to nature. It is about having a more personal relation with nature.

Depending on the type of tourism you choose, you end up learning about how nature works. Not only that but you learn the stories of the environment that surrounds you.

But mainly this type of travelling is about having experiences that teach you the hidden truth of Earth history.

Why you should try nature-based tourism?

Sustainability in tourism

Nature-based tourism is sustainable tourism. In more specific is tourism that has the minimum negative effects on the environment.

As we experience horrific disasters: hurricanes, floods, droughts and heat waves, we all understand now why we should change our lifestyle.

Sustainability is about eco-friendly lifestyle: what we eat, what we buy, what we make. But also it is about how we travel. So let’s change our lifestyle but being more responsible consumers and travellers.

Lower your carbon footprint

In extent travelling in nature can reduce your carbon footprint. However this is mainly due to your own choices.

Although hiking is the typical transportation for nature lovers, you make want to travel by car. This will increase your footprint.

However travelling to nature has advantages on lowering your footprint. For instant local-grown food is typically the only choice.

Turn travelling into an adventure

No matter how and where we live, we all need to feel the joy of an adventure. Hence this way of travelling is all about having adventures in nature.

On one hand we have the opportunity to explore outdoors and experience life in a different perspective. And one the other hand nature can be very valuable teacher for adults and children.

Being in nature help us develop our curiosity. This mainly applies in early age. Children have the opportunity to learn the wonders of nature and develop their imagination. This cultivate the creativity part of the brain.

Health benefits

Studies shows are nature can only benefit our health. It help us exercise and keep us in good physical shape.

But also it help us find clarity and calmness. For example, in Japan people visit the forest to gain mental health.

Are these reason enough for you to choose nature-based tourism? If your answer is yes, there is a way to do this.

Choose the purpose for travelling

If you want to explore nature it will be best to find a purpose for your travels. Nowadays there are a number of different types of tourism to choose from. Some of them are geology, geography, ecology, birth watching and many more to choose from.

First of all choosing the purpose will help your organise your trip. In addition you will have the opportunity to learn something new in an exciting way.

By customising your travel, you are getting a new experience. In this was you may choose the same destination again. However changing the purpose of your journey can be a different adventure.

Plan your trip in advance

For a carefree trip, it is always best to plan everything beforehand. Hence get on-line to book accommodation and transportation.

Depending on the purpose of your travelling plans, you can make plans accordingly. For example, if you are interested in geology, you may look for geotourism locations. Usually they have accommodation booking and travelling information.

Enrich your experience with tours and museum visits

Adventurous tourism lies on being in the wild. However visits to museums will only enrich the experience. There you can learn on the locals suggestions.

If there are tours, you may consider give them a try. It will be a different experience from hiking alone to walk along a local tour guide.

In addition they can also be a way to mix with the locals. Do not forget: the best stories of a place is known only to the locals.

Be sure you have the right equipment before you travel

Before you travel to your destination, be sure you have everything you need with you.

Rural areas do not have many shops and choices. Therefore it is better to take whatever you might need with you.

Moreover this applies also to your clothes. Make the best choices for what you may need. More importantly take as less as possible. Many languages are not a good decision when you travel in nature.

Be safe first

Before you travel it is important to learn the dangers, such as the wildlife, steep valleys etc. It is better to learn the dangers for you to avoid them.

Furthermore you must find our the nearer hospital, in case you need it later. In addition it will be important to take with you a first aid kit.

Now you are all set to travel the world and learn the story of Earth and its wonders.

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