No matter if you already love Monday or if Monday is your least favorite day of the week, this is rather a message to everyone who ever has had a bad day. It is the message to create a life you love every single day, no matter if it is Monday or any other day of the week. Monday is a whole day, 24 hours, 86.400 seconds and it occurs 53 times a year. If you count all the Mondays together we are talking about 53 days, 1.272 hours, 4.579.200 seconds. I am not necessarily a number person but those numbers sound quite overwhelmingly much and I hope they show you how much time you waste by not liking one day a week. Or if you don’t like Monday till Friday you can do the math…

Our time in life is limited and we can’t get time back under any circumstances. Have you ever been worried if you have enough time to finish something or to reach a certain goal in your life? We probably all have and yet, we often waste our time with things that don’t fulfill us and don’t make us feel like we live life fully.

Make a list of all things you do regularly, all people you meet regularly that you don’t like or that don’t leave you feeling good. Maybe it’s Monday or your job or taking out the trash, all the things and people that come up everyday or every week. My list was long, very long, and I decided to make it smaller and smaller and smaller… until there will be nothing in my life anymore, that I didn’t consciously invite into my life for a reason. 

Some things are necessary and part of the process towards our goals. Others are pointless. We are in charge of making the decision: Will I keep putting energy in this or not?

To help you deciding, ask yourself the following 3 questions:

  1. What is it, that I really don’t like about it/her/him? Often there is a not so obvious reason why we feel uncomfortable with things. It’s good to now the real reason why you like or dislike something or someone.
  2. Why do I invest time in it/her/him? Why is my favorite questions. Like in the answer above, it is crucial to know the reason for what we do, how we think and so on. I know, there is not always a logical answer. If the answer is “Because it feels right to me” that is perfectly fine! It means your listening to your instincts and that’s something we all need to reconnect with more. However, if you know why you do it, you know if you can stop doing the task you don’t like or if you keep going. If youre not ready to make your decision, go on with question number 3.
  3. Can I change what I don’t like and make it more likeable? If you can change it: Change it. Yes, it is that simple! It might not be easy to do it but you can do it, so do it. If you can’t change it: Let go of it. Again, it is that simple. And again, it might not be easy to do so but you can do it.

We all have the right to be our happiest and healthiest version and it is on ourselves, only on ourselves, to make life as fulfilling as it can be. No one else will do it for us, not because they don’t want to but because they are not able to. As long as we search for happiness anywhere outside of our heart we’re wasting our precious time.

We will always be surrounded by good and bad people, we will always go through good and bad times, we can’t change the natural waves of life. But we can change our reaction to whatever happens or our perspective on it. That also means getting rid of things and people that don’t make you happy, in order to be happy. That is how you create a life you love! And that is the beauty of the advice above. There are only two options: either you are able to change things or you accept things how they are and let go of it.

I’m far away from mastering this concept of change it or accept it. Complete acceptance and letting go, I live up to those two things as good as I can. I make mistakes, I have a hard time letting go, sometimes I feel overwhelmed by everything it takes to make changes and grow. It’s absolutely not easy for me. But every time I succeed, every time I finally let go of something that didn’t serve my happiest self, I feel pure bliss. It’s a magical, freeing feeling and I know why I wanna keep working on it.

We all gonna die sooner or later. Many people don’t like to talk about death but once I stopped numbing this topic, I realized that I won’t leave this world before I had the chance to make it a little better by helping more people be their happiest and healthiest self. We all know something that will help someone else. Once we gain knowledge, it is our duty to share it and lift others.

Why should I spend my energy on things I don’t love, how could I dare to dislike an entire day like Monday or any other day, knowing how precious time and life is. Knowing that creating a happy and healthy life is solely dependent on me and my actions. Everyday is a gift. It is a chance to be happy.

You are the creator of your own life. Don’t act like the victim of any circumstances. There are so many people out there who came from the worst circumstances and became unbelievably successful and most importantly happy and share their story in order to inspire others to never give up.

Please, don’t give up on Monday’s. Dont give up on any other day. Don’t give up on being happy. Don’t give up on yourself. Do what feels right to you. Know, that when you are starting to work towards something that changes will arise, that there will be exhausting times but you already have everything it takes to live everyday happy and healthy inside yourself. Listen to your truth within. 

You are worth loving every single day of your life. 


  • Melissa Kiss

    Professional Happy Human

    Melissa Kiss is a Professional Happy Human. She is happy and empowers others to be their happiest selves. Her goal is to wake up in a world where all beings are happy & healthy. Knowing that happiness is a choice, that requires consistent work, she is not only working with clients one-on-one in Munich, NYC, LA and on her international retreats but shares articles online, and is creating an online academy to help people all over the world to be their happiest & healthiest version. According to Melissa, bodyawareness, mindfulness and following our intuition are the three pillars to the life of our dreams.