If you want to make a living doing what you love, you fall into one of two camps, either you are searching for your purpose or you are working on living it. 

There is so much in our culture that says “Do what you love and the money will follow”. Most of us buy into this notion very easily. It makes sense. 

But let’s say that you are the kind of person who has found your purpose, you’re a life coach. You’re good at what you do and you can do it all day, it doesn’t feel like work to you at all. 

The thing is, is that you are having a hard time getting consistent clients and no matter how hard or long you work, you just can’t seem to get any traction in your business. You try even harder, still nothing. 

There are many reasons for this and one of them is that you are the kind of person who only takes action when you are inspired, or you don’t work if you don’t feel like it. As this happens day after day after day, even though you are living your purpose, you just can’t seem to acquire the success that you want. 

You tell yourself, “I’ll do it tomorrow”, or “I don’t feel like it right now”, so on and so on. It’s easy to make excuses to not show up every day, and the reason you make excuses is because your subconscious is keeping you ‘safe’ from being judged by others, rejection, abandonment, etc. It’s how you are wired – to stay ‘safe’, to stay in your comfort zone. 

The reason why you will fail at (just) living your purpose, is because you haven’t made a commitment to the results of what you are working towards on a day to day basis. Some people might refer to this as your ‘why’. Do you want financial security? Do you want to have more time to spend with your family? So even though it’s wonderful that you have found your purpose, you need to make a commitment to the results that you are working toward. 

Here are some things that can help you to achieve that: 

Step One: Make a commitment to yourself to show up every day in your business especially when you don’t feel like it

Step Two: Become aware of the excuses that stop you – Ask yourself why you haven’t achieved the success that you have and you will have clarity on the excuses that you usually use (this is how your subconscious is trying to keep you ‘safe’)

Step Three: Get clarity on what success will bring to your life, write it down and place it where you can see it every day, (a reminder on your phone, sticky not on your bathroom wall). 

Don’t get me wrong, living your purpose is fantastic, you have unique gifts to offer the world and the world desperately needs your gifts.