Welcome to the age of the anxiety epidemic. Everywhere we go we are being reminded of how anxiety provoking our world is and how anxious so many of us are. And, if it’s not you who feels it, it’s your partner, mother, father, sister, brother, co-worker, or child.

It’s throwing us off. It’s taking us away from living our best life. It’s getting in the way of just being peaceful, worry-free, and content. It’s throwing off our ability to just walk into that dinner party without getting worked up, it’s taking us away from being vulnerable in our relationships, it’s getting in the way of building financially wealthy lives for being paid to do what we love.

Everywhere we go, there is anxiety being smothered in our faces and felt in our bodies. Working insane hours, partying super hard, and pushing past the max is worn as a badge of honor. All things that generally lead to anxiety. If you are feeling anxious you’ll fit right in, that’s for sure. Actually, today, it’s the person who doesn’t have anxiety who is the anomaly. It’s because of this ugly societal truth that we’ve become conditioned to run from our anxiety instead of holding the hand of our anxiety and walking with it.

I invite you to welcome in a new paradigm shift on your anxiety: that it is the best thing to ever happen to you, here are a few reasons why:

1. Anxiety is your Life Detector only ringing when it’s time to make a change

When your anxiety is flaring up and sending heart hiccups, chihuahua-like chest breathing, and stomach butterflies coupled with dry-mouth, nausea, and negative self-talk, (or any of the above) it’s most often always for good reason and for our better selves. The bodily siren(s) goes off, we feel the anxiety, and then it’s up to us to explore why it’s happening and what it’s trying to tell us. If we listen we become healthier – physically, mentally, spiritually.

2. Anxiety is a Source of Natural Energy Available to Us 

That chest-pumping, short of breath, “how will I ever do this” feeling of high-anxiety before it’s time to give a speech, get to the airport, or go on that first date can be used for your advantage. Yes, that’s right, that uncomfortable feeling, if you own it, can be harnessed and then channeled from negative and crippling to positive and empowering. By using the tools to shift the energy of anxiety you can take what was a disadvantage and make it your competitive advantage. All of a sudden you will find yourself sitting on a trove of natural energy that you can use to elevate your time on stage, your epic travel adventure, and the beautiful human connection awaiting your acquaintance.

3. Owning Your Anxiety Will Lead to Getting in Top Shape

Eating processed foods, consuming sugar, lack of sleep, drinking alcohol, and poor hydration have all been proven to lead to higher levels of anxiety. Thanks to the increasing popularity of health and wellness in mainstream culture, most people know that keeping a mindful eye on these things is integral to living well- yes, but did you also know that creating a lifestyle where keeping your anxiety will also get you in better shape? As you mindfully build a life that keeps your anxiety in check you’ll also enjoy the bonus of getting your pre-college body back. Double *high-five*.

These are just three, but a life-enhancing three reasons that transforming your relationship with anxiety will transform all of your beautiful life for the better … forever.