Why do I keep getting sick every time I make more than $5,000?” my client asked me in desperation.

She had actually made more money in that week, than in recent months, but right afterward she got sick! We talked and I knew right away it was her Belief Systems that were sabotaging her business (that’s why her body couldn’t cope with her success).

We quickly found out that she believed (not logically, but in her subconscious) that ‘Rich People Are Bad’,

When your subconscious believes that you will be a bad person when you are rich, it will do everything to prevent you from getting rich. Your subconscious (caring as it is) wants to keep you safe.

So, we worked some magic in the session and figured out WHY the subconscious thought it was such a great idea to keep believing that rich people are evil.

Then we taught the brain that she ‘Can be rich, and make a positive impact at the same time‘. That it is ‘safe to be rich‘ and that she ‘can be rich without being rejected by her family.

The next day she left me a message telling me she literally felt new, that her WHOLE BODY felt transformed on a cellular level.

She then made another 5K in that same week, which made it 11K so far this month (on her way to 20K). With ease.

This beautiful story made me wonder…

Where are your Limiting Beliefs sabotaging your business?

Even if you’ve done the tapping and the mindset work, is there still a level where you’re keeping yourself stuck?

Or where you don’t believe that you CAN MAKE the money you want to make?

Let me know in the comments! I’m happy to help you dismantle the beliefs that are keeping you from breaking through your next level of success.