As moms, we’re really good at taking care of others while neglecting ourselves. But did you know that can actually work against you as you strive to be the best mom to your kids? Yep. It’s not selfish to take care of yourself first, and taking good care of yourself starts with thinking good thoughts about yourself. Let me explain.

Happiness is an inside job, and your happiness level makes all the difference in the world when it comes to taking care of your family and parenting in a peaceful, calm way.

Our level of contentment and happiness is fueled by our thoughts. We all, of course, have both negative and positive thoughts. Whichever thoughts get the most of our attention will dominate and grow.

When we constantly think negative things: “I just can’t get through a day without yelling! These kids never behave! When will they every learn? They’re all slobs. My house is always such a mess. I’m just not cut out to be a mom! I wish I never had kids!”, we create mental monsters that both suck joy out of our lives and attract more negative thoughts and negative behavior from our kids. We expect them to behave poorly, and they fulfill our expectations—in spades!!!

In contrast, when we think positive and empowering thoughts, we attract more of them and notice more positive behavior, more positive listening, and more positive feelings in our relationships. Rather than creating mental monsters, we create feelings of confidence and motivation. We parent with more joy, and our kids pick up on our attitude and expectations, and they follow in tow.

The Bible confirms the power of our thoughts and tells us to meditate on things that are good, and positive, and that will bring joy and encouragement to others. It also warns against negative thoughts, such as murder in your heart . So this premise of attraction, more commonly known as the Law of Attraction, is affirmed not only by Eastern religions and practical experience but also by the Bible.

Take the Happy Mom Challenge: for one week, check yourself when you are about to think (or say) something negative, and replace it with a positive thought instead. Done consistently, this will make a HUGE difference in your level of happiness and contentment, which will be reflected in your actions, and modeled by your children, who will also rise to the occasion to fulfill your positive expectations. Pinky promise that it will make a positive difference in your life and family!

If you’d love to have kids who listen and obey better the first time, and who are kind and thoughtful to others, I can help you get there without yelling, feeling overwhelmed, or coddling them.

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Hi, I’m Beth. I help busy moms ditch  overwhelm and gain confidence, so their kids listen and behave better; they enjoy parenting more, yell less, and have peaceful kids and a happy family. My signature programs provide you with actionable steps that work!

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