Self-validation is crucial as an entrepreneur as you’re not going to get it from anyone else. Yet getting validation from others is exactly what we are used too.

Just think about it for a second… children, we were used to parents and teachers validating what is good and not so good behaviour so most of us learnt that we far prefer approval for the good things we do.

Working in corporate or any professional job teaches us further to impress and prove our worth for the next promotion, pay rise and lift up the ladder.

Breaking free from that to make your own rules in business suddenly leaves you out in the cold without validation from anyone but yourself. That can be scary and unexpected as the need for outside validation has become an established habit.

Consequently, many new entrepreneurs spend lots of money, energy and time on seeking certificates, courses and qualifications in an attempt to validate that they are good enough for the business they are trying to create. But really it comes down to you validating yourself, without that any business is not going to work.

Starting your own business is a huge personal development journey for that reason alone, suddenly there is no-one to validate yourself but you. But it’s one hell of a journey and when you’re able to validate yourself you can finally stop striving to prove and relying on others to say how amazing you are! Instead, you can do that yourself.

Self-validation and belief is something to start, grow and scale up in your first two years of business and beyond.

Here is how you can get started :

  1. Write a list of your achievements and what you are proud of in your life, career or business so far.
  2. Ask smart questions before meditation: How can I validate myself today?
  3. Check in with those limiting beliefs – When have you not felt good enough before?
  4. Create mantras: ‘I know I am totally good enough today and everyday’
  5. Collect a list of feedback from those you have worked with which you can refer to on bad days.

Number five is cheating a little but it really works on those bumpy days and trust me, we’ve all been there, I promise.