what is wisdom in simple words definition

Wisdom is one of the majestic and unusual words out there, so lofty it doesn’t sound like something one could ever consciously strive to be, unlike say being healthy or kind. Nevertheless, though it’s impossible ever to reach a stable state of wisdom, as an aspiration, wisdom deserve to be rehabilitated and take its place among a host of other more typical goals one might harbor.

Wisdom seems woven from many strands. The wise people are highly realistic in nature and always think how challenging many things can be. They are not devoid of hope, that would be a folly of its own, but they are conscious of the complexities entailed in any project. For instance; raising a child, starting a business, spending any agreeable weekend with the family, falling in love. Knowing that something difficult is being attempted does not rob the wise of ambitions, but it makes them more steadfast, calmer, and less prone to panic about the problems that will invariably come their way.

Probably aware that much can and does go wrong, the wise are unusually alive to moments of calm and beauty, even extremely the modest ones: they can take pressure in a single uneventful sunny day, some pretty flowers growing by a brick wall. It is not that they are sentimental or naïve, precisely the opposite. Because they have seen how hard things can be to get, they know how to draw the full value from the peaceful and the sweet whenever and wherever these arise.

The wise people know that all human beings, including themselves, are deeply sunk in folly. We all have irrational desires and want incompatible things. We’re prone to mood swings and buffeted by the curious demand of our sexuality. They are unsurprised by the ongoing coexistence of deep immaturity and sexual perversity. Alongside quite adult qualities like intelligence and morality. They know that we are barely evolved apes. Aware that at least half of the life is irrational they try, wherever possible to budget for madness and slow to panic when it reliably raised its head.

The wise people are more serious and take a keen note of chunking that has been made on them. They laugh about the constant collision between the noble way they’d like things to be and the demented way they in fact often turn out.

The wise are realistic about social relations. Particularly, about how difficult it is to change people’s mind and have an effect on their lives. They avoid being frank with people and keep the things secret for a much longer time even for whole life. They are well known of the tricks how to censor things from others. It is their prime desire that all things mentioned above happen smoothly among people. Even if means not being totally honest. So, they will sit with someone of a contrary political influence and not try to alter them, they will hold their tongue at someone who seems to be announcing a wrong-headed plan. For reforming the country, educating their child or directing their personal lives.

They will be aware of how differently things can look through the eyes of others and search more for what people have in common than what separated them.

The intellectuals have made a difference between them in peace, how they really want and what they really like. They have come to term with their idiocies’, flaws, ugliness, limitations and drawbacks. They actually know their weaknesses and take these as a lesson and correct them one by one. They can give those close to them a fairly accurate map of the reason why they are pretty hard to live with.

The wise are realistic about other people too. They recognize the extraordinary pressures everyone is under to pursue their own ambitions, defend their interest and seek their own pleasures. It can make other people appear extremely mean and purposely evil, but this would be to over-personalize the issue. The intellectual knows that most of the difficulties that come in their life are not intentional. It is a byproduct of the constant collision of blind competing egos in a world of scarce resources.

The wise are therefore slow to anger and judge. They don’t lead to the worst conclusions about what’s going on in the mind of others. They are always ready to forgive the people for their mistakes that were made by them unknowingly. Protecting as it does so many irritated motivations, displeasures, and desires. The wise appreciate the people precision people are under. Of course, they shouted, of course, they were rude, naturally, they want to overtake on the inside lane. The sensible are liberal to the motives for which people might not be quite so nice. They feel less persecuted by the aggression and meanness of others because they have a sense of where they come from “a Place of hurt”. 

The best quality in wise people is that they are well known about the ways how to survive in life. They know how much can go wrong and things will still be just about livable. The imprudent person draws the limitations of their pleasure far too far out. So, that it covers and rest on reputation, cash, privacy relationships, popularity, health. The wise person, in turn, sees the advantage of all of these but also knows that they may before too long, at a time of fate’s choosing, have to draw the limits right back and find pleasure within a much more limited space.

The wise person does not envy idly. They have sound control on thinks that what things are important for them as per their needs. They are well observant to famous people such as tycoon or the film star and know why they have not this level. A wise man knows the reason of being rich may be the family background sometime, good luck on the other hand. The destinies and success stories of people sometimes are based on accidents. The best example is a man that got a promotion his jobs suddenly for no reasons. This can be happening due to his strong public relations aside from his work. Some people have the right parents. The winner is not all noble and good. The wise appreciate the role of luck and do not curse themselves overly at those junctures, where they evidently not had as much of it as they would have liked.

In our ambitious era, it is common, to begin with, dreams of being able to pull off an embellish life, where one can to get a major decision of love and work right. But the wise are much known about this fact that the successful life is not permanent. There is enough room for critics. A qualified man can also make some extremely big uncorrectable blunders in his vicinity. Perfectionism is a terrific deception and regret is inescapable. But accepting the mistakes lessen the possibility of more mistakes thus securing the future of the ages. One can not look any one’s life story without seeing some devastating mistakes edge across it. These errors are not co-incidental but structural. The lack of information about the task can be the basic reason of mistake, or the shortage of time can be one. We are all where it counts staring almost blind.

The wise are aware of the fact that tremor is always just around the corner. And they are afraid of their view and understand. That is why they nature such a strong commitment to the idea of being calm. Celebrate your achievement and anxiety free days to make yourself a cool guy. The intellectuals are not afraid of any boring time. It will be worse and worse.