Do you ever replay a conversation in your head maybe wishing you’d said that thing, made that remark or agreed  or disagreed with what was being said?

Maybe you wish you’d stood up for yourself or that you’d said something a little more succinctly. It’s frustrating isn’t it and so easy actually, to replay things in the past and kick yourself as to why you held yourself back, why you didn’t say x, y or z.

Maybe you feel like you held yourself back because of a dislike of conflict. Maybe it was worry of judgement from others. Or maybe simply just not being sure how to say exactly *what* you want to say?

Sometimes it can feel like everyone else can articulate themselves to a ’t’. Like everyone else is able to say exactly what they want, how they want – and yet Imposter Syndrome, a tendency towards perfectionism and a fear of failure, is estimated to affect over 70% of people at least once (many more if you ask me!) in their lifetime.

Imposter Syndrome is tends to be in reaction to situations and circumstances. You might be absolutely fine speaking in a meeting, but speaking at an event? No way. Or you maybe absolutely fine speaking at an event but doing a live? Nah.

But remember, you are here for a reason. You have a specific gift to share.

No-one else can share it in the way that you can, that is unique to you. So next time you find yourself holding back, take a breath and think about what you could be missing out on if you don’t share what you want to you. Are there any scenarios you feel that you hold yourself back in? How can you navigate them differently next time?

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