WDMRCK Exclusive is a very famous company which is established in Canada. It all started in Montreal’s fashion district. After spending his 2 years as an influencer in the field of fashion and fitness, The Instagram fitness model and actor Widmarck Emile Jr., has launched his own attire line taking up help from his team. He had built this brand to reflect his vision and love for fashion. 

WDMRCK Exclusive also known as WD Exclusive is a young company that promotes clothing and lifestyle through fashion. He encourages all the generation to carry their own style. The literal meaning of the brand is- Winner, Determination, Motivation, Realest, Confidence, and Kindness or Karma. The mission of this team is to generate positive energy in each individual around the world as well as to create well-being for all who wear it. We sell our products to customers across CANADA, in the UNITED STATES, and aim to reach Europe. Our goal is to reach all continents. We had received good feedback on various social media platforms. Most of our sales are made online. We want our products to be available in various retail stores and be internationally recognized.

He is the first model to start a clothing line in Canada that too not on a large scale all around the world. A young entrepreneur is worth the risk as they are full of new ideas and fresh thoughts; such an approach is needed for a business. He has participated in a lot of fashion shows, he believes from exploring like this you always learn and grow, as mistakes teach you and play a role in one’s development. In the times of COVID19, they have even launched a variety of masks.

Their clothes are sewed with the utmost precision. They take time to choose the best fabric to ensure comfortability, breathability, and incomparable resistance. They work with the best designers and influencers to always make us up to date with the latest fashion trend. Design or style recounts a tale about your character without talking; you are judged in the absolute first look by an outsider. In this way, it is important to dress great. WRECK Exclusive is prepared to cover you with a great character from head to toe. He is very less time has got a lot of followers on Instagram. He is encouraging the youth to get themselves updated about the various trend. 

The categories of clothing it offers include Luxury Homemade Tracksuits, Tracksuits, Accessories, Bikinis, Confident Collection, T-Shirts, and Jumpsuits. The domestic orders take around 3-5 days to get delivered, and by domestic it means in Canada. It takes 2-3 weeks for the United States of America and the delivery takes around 2-3 weeks for the rest of the world. Widmarck believes that it’s good to support each other without hating and the marathon he has started will be continued forever, which is just the beginning.

At the time of this pandemic, he is doing very good work which is really appreciated that too at such a young age. All the youths should learn from him and look forward to his or her future.