Let your imagination run wild

They say

Is that it?


That’s true liberation, right?

A wild imagination

Imagine, let’s say

If I was wild?

Frowned upon


Seen to be a creature of the devil

Seen to be a failure at life

For a woman who expresses

Is crazy, right?

And a woman who feels

Is too much, right?


I like the crazy makers


If crazy makers were welcome

We could enjoy the art on the wall

The dance on the streets

For to live in a world

Where only our imaginations run wild

Is almost like living in a jungle

Without trees

The essence is lost

The truth is hidden

Cast aside

Pushed away



So, women

Shall we? Shall we step into our power?

Instead, let’s imagine a world

Where not just our imaginations are wild

Let’s be in a world

Where we are wild