Dating app Wild is coming up with a brand new function to better help female combat male users who send lewd and improper messages. With “Report”, not only can women express their feelings of bad messages, but also they can “punish” men who send these bad messages.

According to Wild’s analysis of its users’ feedback, at least 5% of women who left their app said that they have received lewd or creepy messages. It is even worse than it looks. This is the reason why Wild is taking steps to address with its latest new “Report” feature designed to help men stop sending inappropriate messages to women.

Almost 50% of the Wild’s dating app user base is within an average age range of 18 to 25. For many, the app represents the first time they’ll ever approach a woman for a date and, with little dating experience, they are often unsure how to start a conversation or express themselves in a respectable manner.

Wild hopes that the new addition will encourage more men to treat potential dates properly and strike up a conversation that both users want to continue. Women that receive improper advances can instantly report the message to the team at Wild. Men that are reported will see their chat message shut down for a temporary period as a result, with the time frame increasing if they’re reported more than once. A single report will leave men locked out for five minutes but four reports will leave unable to respond for an hour.

Paul Wesley, Founder of Wild, said, “I have been on dating apps for a long time and some women told me they don’t like to receive rude messages. It’s something that we listened to and have now incorporated into our app for female users to be able to have a real impact when they receive inappropriate messages. ‘Report” is a real try which actually helps resolve the root of the issue rather than simply treating the aftermath. It also gives women the ability to ‘punish’ creeps or douchebags.”

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Wild is the new dating app with approximately 600,000 downloads and over 10,000 daily users already. It also has more than 400,000 verified users which provides a safer dating environment for its users. Powerful filters also give users more power over the profiles they see on Wild, putting them in control of their dating destiny.