Before a couple of months, we were totally blank about this unimagined situation, and we were used to visiting our friend’s house, doing parties, going to the office, we were so busy in our lives, and following the routine. But all of a sudden, the corona has changed our lives, and we are locked inside the house. It’s been three months of lockdown, and now it feels like it will be so difficult for us to come out from this comfort zone once the pandemic is over.

During a lockdown, some people are chilling at home, professionals are working from home, and following Flexi schedule, kids and older people are spending quality time with the family.  We all love this kind of treatment because we feel safe and protected. It feels so comfortable where routine behavior and actions do not create a stressed environment. It provides mental security. 

On the other hand, if we think from the economic point of view, it will face many ups and downs. According to HuffPost, the rate of unemployment is increasing due to major industries are being shut down and small businesses are facing huge losses because of lockdown. So let’s analyze the situation and how much time it will take, ultimately, we all want to feel alive and fresh like before.

Life Of A Working Professional: Now & Then 

The pandemic attack has resulted in lots of changes in our daily life. A home where we feel secure and used to spend time with family is now becoming office, and the majority of the employees are forced to work from home. 

There are some employees who want to gossip with their colleagues and to have coffee during the quarantine, but those people also exist who don’t want to return to the office and want to work from home even after a pandemic is over.

Hence, it would be quite challenging for those people who love to work from home and do not want to step out of their comfort zone. Simply because they are introvert by nature and don’t want to participate in office related activities. They are just enjoying the work and trying to submit it before the deadlines.

On the other hand, from cinema halls to schools, everything is being shut down in different parts of the world, and major events get postponed. If you are habituated to work from home under any situation, it will be easy for you to set up and adjust according to the environment. But it will be tough for those who have not faced this situation before as you may face many changes from different aspects such as desk, chair, atmosphere, colleagues, and many more. 

Another important issue that needs to be taken into consideration is what if some employees are feeling insecure about their jobs and have a fear of losing it. So try to learn new in-demand skills such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, some non-technical soft skills, etc. at home, there are many platforms such as edX, Coursera and Udemy offer different training related courses that may help you in your next job.

Once the pandemic is over, companies need to take some serious steps and ensure healthy work-life balance by providing them sanitizers and try to maintain working space clean and hygiene. Offer them work from home facility, if they need to commute daily, it will keep them happy, and you can avoid the risk of burnout. Thus, it will be a mixed situation for working people, it may be good for some, all we can hope for the best.

Effect On Global Economy: Now & Then 

Research already indicates a negative impact on global GDP. American nations and many other countries will see a drastic fall down. The effect of the corona is going to be massive, and the global economy will be broken down for sure. Many of the giant companies will be shut down due to loss, which will ultimately increase the unemployment rate.

COVID 19 has impacted the business environment up to a great extent. Business survival is a major question that has been arriving in the minds of several people. For, eg. Presently there is a big question mark for a sector like hospitality and travel. The businesses are required to provide refunds for cancellation of trips; however, they don’t have enough cash to do so.

Lockdown has caused transport to stop. This has caused issues in the workflow of businesses like trading, manufacturing, etc. which is bringing an indirect impact on the various other sectors as well.

Unemployment is the highest at 14.27%, which is more than the Great Depression; however, nothing can be done unless the businesses will be normal again, which will again take six months to a year.

Individuals are advised to save their savings so that even if they lose their jobs or there is a reduction in salary, then they can survive. Many industries are now looking for options to cut costs due to losses and impact will be seen for a couple of months.

The information technology sector is believed to survive; however, growth is still a major issue here as the businesses of other sectors that provide revenue to this sector are severely affected. Thus we can say that the post- coronavirus world will be new, our life and behavior will be different, all we can hope for the best.

The survival of the fittest is more important in the present situation.

Summing It Up

Today, we are living under unpredicted times- there is full of uncertainty everywhere regarding the COVID-19.  As far as the economy is concerned, the whole world is facing the consequences and all the countries have to bear a huge loss. Besides, if you are an employee and want to change your career path, many things will affect and employers may hire some skilled professionals. 

As there is no vaccine found till date, all we need to stay healthy and take appropriate precautions. All the countries should unite and fight strongly against this.