“Dreams don’t work unless you do.” – This is my mantra. That’s the phrase I live by. These are the words that hang on the wall, right above my desk.

Back when my firstborn was still a toddler, I felt the need to write a book for the very first time. It was a feeling of urgency and wouldn’t let go until I succumbed to it and took the little energy I had left at the end of the day to write it. It felt freeing, bold, and oh so right! I had found my calling.

I wrote and published my first book in 2013. That same year, I also founded LoewenHerz-Creative, a small motion graphics studio, which I started to support up-and-coming authors, such as myself, by creating trailers as part of their book marketing plan. For the second time, I’d found my calling. Two amazing endeavors; so little time.

Working my regular job from home during the day, the late evening hours were, and still are, spent writing, producing, and marketing. While everyone else in the house is sleeping, my fingers are clicking across the keyboard, making what I call the sound of progress, joy, and personal fulfillment.

I won’t lie. It hasn’t always been easy. It still isn’t, at times. Now having two kids, I came to realize the importance of having a system in place to get things done without losing sight of my goals. After the little people in my house are tucked into bed and kissed goodnight, my day’s side hustle begins.

I work toward my goals following these 3 personal guidelines:

1. I realized that I don’t need endless hours to work toward my dreams. Even if I just have half an hour a day, I welcome this little snippet of time with gratitude and get to work. Persistence is key, not duration.

2. I set my ultimate goal. I know exactly where I want to be one year from now. Setting my goal helps me stay focused, so I can work toward it.

3. I don’t get discouraged by temporary setbacks. I simply acknowledge that they are inevitable and can be overcome only if I’m relentless in my pursuit.

I know that if I really want something, I will always find a way and make time for it. I will put in the sweat-equity. But that’s what makes self-made success so much sweeter!

I’m a true believer that anyone that hasn’t achieved success failed because she quit before she reached her dreams. Success is just a matter of time; so I stick with it.

So whenever I look up from my screen, my eyes heavy with the need for sleep, John C. Maxwell’s words stare right at me, and I’m reminded why I do what I do. Why I hustle. It’s my dream, and every dream comes with a price.

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  • Eevi Jones


    Writing under a number of pen names, Eevi Jones is a multi-award-winning and bestselling children's book author. Her children's book I Wish You Success was inspired by Arianna Huffington's Thrive, and brings this book's message to even the littlest of readers. Eevi has been featured in media outlets such as Forbes, Business Insider, Scary Mommy, Entrepreneur On Fire, Huffington Post, Exceptional Parent Magazine, SCBWI, and many more.