India’s #MeToo Movement is Spreading Fast

#MeToo Movement has Shaken the World

Sexual harassment is a heavy topic to discuss. In fact, discussing it often ends up in an embarrassing experience for a woman who has suffered from a powerful men’s wrongdoing. Since the beginning of times, women have been pushed aside, ignored, taken for granted and used as vessels for carrying kids mostly. Men’s egoistic ways have brought women to their knees and forced them to agree to their terms of life and dubious standards. For ages women have been laughed at for initiatives in music, science, medicine and sport. For ages women have been struggling to voice their opinion and obtain the right to make choices. For ages women have been treated like beings without a right to speak, have not been allowed to express their emotions, aspire for success. Men have always been aware of the fact women can threaten their leading position, therefore have always used same old instrument to instill fear in women – physical abuse. Indeed, it has always been the most potent tool for keeping a lady’s mouth shut. The time has come for women to fire back. #MeToo movement has reached India and women are getting more comfortable to reveal the ugly truth and offer their offenders a chance to confess their sinful acts. #MeToo is a women’s movement that started in the US. The movement against sexual abuse began spreading on American social media and has reached India. Bollywood actress Tanushree Datta harassment allegations have shook the Indian society and have opened a whole new perspective on the problem of equality in India. Justice versus culture and ethics – who wins? You are the one to decide.

We still live in a man’s world and women are still forced to deal with gender inequality issues as teenagers in school, University students and employees. Men are not happy with the idea of giving women freedom, which most women would be ok with if not for outrageous sexual harassment cases. Ever since women started voicing their opinions, new sexual harassment allegations are coming out from underneath the dusty rug they’ve been swept under. Women in the entertainment industry are sharing information that puts powerful men’s reputation in danger. Bill Cosby case has revealed the ugly reality behind the beautiful picture, but will Indian Bill Cosbys names be revealed? Is it possible to ignore cultural standards for the sake of taking a new step to a healthier society? Will Indian women ever be savoring the long-awaited liberation? The wave of change is coming and it is going to wash away the tears and pain.



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