I have always been a great advocate of self-care. Whether it be exercise, diet, meditation, or relaxation, I ensure that I give to myself in whatever way that aligns with me so that I can be the best version of myself every day. I only realised the real importance of self-care after undergoing a period of massive change in my life last year.

After getting married and moving to a new country in July 2018, the last six months or so have involved with tremendous change. This transition period has given me a great chance to re-evaluate my habits, routines and beliefs. I found that these distilled down to one simple concept that I have focused on for most of my adult life: if you look after yourself, everything else falls into place. Below are some simple strategies that have helped me in turning the light back on myself, to become the most positive and fulfilled person I can be on a daily basis.

1)Are you enjoying what you eat?
We all know that we need to healthy. Eat your five serves of fruits and vegetables every day. Try and stay away from processed foods and fats. What is equally as important is that you relish every bite that you eat. When I used to look at healthy eating as a chore, and something that just needed to be done to feel good, I was less enthusiastic about mealtime.

As soon as I became selective about foods that I enjoyed eating which also ticked the health factor, I felt energised and confident, as I knew that I was consciously making informed choices. So do yourself a favour and start picking ingredients and foods that you love to be around and absorb.

2)What is your one must do daily ritual?
Everyone has one. Some people love to get that steaming cup of hot coffee first in the morning. Others like to meditate. For me, it is having that half hour of quiet time before bed, listening to inspirational material such as podcasts, or reading my favourite book. I love to be flooded with positive energy before I hit the bed.

Taking this time to focus on yourself, and devoting this space to something you enjoy and that which uplifts you, gives you that spark of happiness which you can take with you for the rest of your day.

3)Attitude of gratitude
Numerous studies have shown the benefits of having a regular gratitude practice, including greater self-esteem, improved sleep, and higher levels of happiness and optimism. When we focus on what we already have in our lives, we are in essence, connecting with what the universe has already given us. It puts us in an elevated emotional state and allows us to receive more as well.

I incorporate my gratitude practice into my meditation, where I thank the universe for giving me everything I have in life – including food, water, shelter. Focusing on what you have ensures you show constant appreciation for these things in your life.