Success is something that everyone desire. People who work night and day just crave this seven letter word badly and work for achieving it. While those who do nothing except for using their mobile phones and watching football can only dream of it as if it were something worth dreaming but not worth working for. You see, people who just dream of being in a paradise will never be able to leave their footprints their. The question ‘Can I make it’ or ‘Will I succeed’ pop up in the heads of those people who’re just about to complete their journey on the attainment of success but stop at the threshold. The question in the title belongs to those people who doubt their capabilities and hence end up stopping at the threshold. If there is anything that can stop you, it is ‘Self-Doubt’. Yes. When you underestimate yourself you end up in a dilemma. Whether to continue your journey and open the door or to step back.

You may have heard many people saying that ‘Life is a rollercoaster’ but it is not true. Life depends on your perspective and how you want it to be. For people who have faith in themselves life is a mere 2 km path but for those who are ignorant of themselves it is indeed a rollercoaster(and that too a dangerous one). You know what’s the basic and the most common difference between the successful and the unsuccessful people? Hard work? Maybe. But there’s one thing that seperates these two categories. Self-evaluation. Successful people invest a lot of time in understanding themselves. What they really want in life and what they want to exclude from their life. They are successful in finding their real self and hence are successful in life. You can never know what you are capable of until you take the task of self-evaluation. As it is rightly said, The more you know yourself,the more clarity there is. Thus one should have a clear understanding of oneself and a clear vision without a single atom of self doubt. And that will make sure you never stop at the threshold but instead go ahead with your heads held high. Good luck!