COVID-19 cases may have come down, but one cannot avoid its lingering effects. It is particularly relevant for new moms. Postpartum women need to exercise for their mental and physical wellness. But the pandemic has made things challenging for them. If you already have one child, your responsibilities may have doubled with the arrival of an infant. You can feel more stressed out and anxious than ever. After delivery, you may crave mental peace. However, your worked-up energy doesn’t allow you to find solace. That’s why you can be struggling with different aspects of your health. Here are a few insights to help you take care of your mental health. If you ensure this, your overall well-being will improve.

William D King: Postmortem women and their mental health during covid

Common postpartum challenges

The first six weeks of post-childbirth is a postpartum phase when women experience exponential physical and hormonal changes. These transformations affect new mothers’ mental health, causing depression in almost 15% of them. These effects can continue for longer up to a year. After COVID-19,41% of postpartum women have reported depression and 72% of them about mild to high anxiety. Pre-pandemic, these percentages stood at 15% and 29%, respectively. Earlier, women had to deal with sleep issues, lack of self-care, and childbirth-related medical complications. During the pandemic, these problems amplified due to lack of support system at home, visiting limitations, etc.

Anxiety and depression can remain in check in new moms with physical activities. Someone without any history of mental illness can benefit a lot, says William D King. However, in this phase, they cannot indulge in this. So, it becomes another challenge.

Solutions for postpartum mothers

As per the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists, new mothers can return to physical exercises after four to six weeks. They can devote 150 minutes every week to this. However, the indoor environment after the hardship of covid may not be motivating enough for them. They can step out in the open to exercise in nature. When they do workouts in the greens, they feel better with their anxiety and stress levels reduced. Also, they can enjoy their experience more.

Many women who participated in outdoor activities while maintaining physical distance and keeping themselves safe from covid reported low levels of depression. They also felt in better control of their psychological needs. Their anxiety and stress levels also improved.

Some experts believe that post-natal women need group exercising programs, where they can bring their children also. When they work out with other women with the same background, they feel a sense of connection and comfort. They also feel more motivated to pursue their health goals.

Mental health issues in the pandemic world have been on the rise. Everyone in society has faced the brunt of it in some form or the other. From young kids to adults to seniors, no one had a smooth ride. Amidst this, new mothers had a different set of challenges to meet. And these put their mental health at risk. With situations getting better, they can now look after themselves in a new way and benefit too.