If you check research reports, you will know that almost 70% of adult caregivers, including parents, faced worse mental health symptoms in the pandemic. Nearly 55% of them suffered from depression or anxiety, more than 53% of them dealt with covid-induced trauma, and 39% of them thought about suicides. Parents and caregivers experienced this to a higher degree than adults with no such responsibilities. The challenges were too significant for someone who wasn’t ready for this new role. They suffered from a sense of lack of freedom, financial constraints, etc. However, those who performed better had a robust support system in place.

The pandemic effect is receding. Still, the pressure on caregivers and parents has not decreased. They are struggling with the issue of space, due to which their mental health is feeling more threatened. Whether you are a parent, a caregiver, or know someone going through such a phase, you can rise to the occasion and take specific practical steps. Here is a quick look into them.

William D King on Helping parents and caregivers suffering from covid-led pressure

Build a support group

Your duties toward your child or older adult in the family can keep you away from self-care. But you are also a human. It would be best if you gave yourself some time to relax and enjoy yourself. You can achieve this by connecting with your friends and family whenever possible. Their emotional support can eliminate the feeling of loneliness from your mind and make you have mental peace.

Seek help from family and friends

William D King says ongoing work-from-home culture and parental responsibilities may not leave you with enough time to look after your needs. However, if you have some other people in the family or friend’s circle, you can ask them to pitch in their support. Request them to spend some time in storytelling with your children. Or, you can plan an outdoor playdate with other neighborhood friends. You can also ask your partner to share the stress to feel a little less burdened.

Take a break

Caregiving or parenting can be a 24X7 job. But you don’t have to be perfect in this stressful phase that has embroiled almost everyone. You need to remind yourself that your love and affection matter the most. Hence, you don’t have to feel guilty if you order food from outside or sometimes treat yourself to a TV show. Disconnecting with everything for one’s sake becomes essential. It not only helps in relationships with others but also improves mental well-being.

COVID-19 may have changed many things in life. But you cannot deny one thing – you have to look after yourself first. As a parent or caregiver, your priorities can be different. Still, taking time out for personal needs is essential. It helps you keep your stress levels in check. Also, you can maintain better emotional balance and be more responsive to kids and adults who require your support every day. So, if you want to overcome your mental exhaustion, these can be a few easy steps to follow.