COVID-19 keeps on extending, and it is affecting the mental health of the population around the globe. Every section of people is suffering from one thing or another, thus affecting their mental health. There is one section that is gravely affected by this prolonged pandemic, and that is new mothers. With pandemics extending, researchers expecting a rise in population to a large extent. Thus, women across the globe are getting pregnant and giving birth, i.e., affecting their well-being. In this article, we will highlight the benefits of exercising outdoor and its effect on the mental state of new mothers.

Post-pregnancy challenges affecting the mental health of women- An analysis by William D King

Pregnancy and childbirth largely affect the mental state of mothers, and they become quite vulnerable with an increase in child care responsibilities. Women who became mothers for the first time are at an additional disadvantage here with everything such as pandemics going around. The post-pregnancy phase affects women’s well-being and their mental health. The post-partum phase greatly affects the hormonal balance in women, and the first six weeks are critical in an increase in depression and anxiety for mothers.

With the pandemic, mental health issues are on the rise among mothers undergoing the post-pregnancy phase. As per statistical data analysis, almost 41% of women are undergoing depression, and 72% of women have moderate to high anxiety.

The benefit of outdoor exercise

To tackle such challenges, the best option is to have physical activity. Time and again, physical exercise has proven to be effective in severe cases of depression and anxiety. This is the best method to overcome mental health problems in new mothers and is beneficial for them. The best way to do outdoor exercise is to have a group session says William D King,. As per different studies, it is proven that a group exercise therapy of 45 minutes can improve mental health in a person. In addition to this, women who constantly take part in physical activity of any kind in their postnatal period tend to have better mental health when compared to their counterparts.

Here are some of the safe exercise options to try in this pandemic.

Safe Exercises to do in the Pandemic

As the pandemic continues, we need some innovative options for mothers to take their exercise routine outside and have some physical activity. There are various advantages of working in the lap of nature, and the activity is known as ‘Green Exercise.’ The question that requires answering  ‘Is it safe for mothers to step outside during Covid?’. The answer is yes, as various programs are initiated by different groups that take care of the safety protocols we require to follow. With the help of social distancing and other measures, it is altogether safe for them to step out and do some exercise to maintain their mental health.


The pandemic has affected everyone’s day-to-day life to a great extent, and with the help of various programs, new mothers could find different ways to keep them motivated and take good care of their respective mental health.