The people around you matter. They will ultimately determine how much you’ll grow and how successful and happy you’ll allow yourself to become. Community is everything. Ask the people around you everyday these questions 30 days in a row:

  • How can I help you today?
  • How can I make your life easier?
  • Is there anything I can do to take burden off of your shoulders?

You’ll learn several things…

  1. The right people will not allow you to assume and carry their burden just because you asked. They respect you too much.
  2. The right people will allow you to help them in a way that does you no harm. They recognize that relationships are for mutual benefit, and they want your life to be joyful, too.
  3. The people who REALLY love you will start asking these questions back. They have your best interest in mind, too.
  4. Try it and see. Do this with family, friends, and even strangers.

Then execute the most important step:

Reassess your network and grow healthier relationships with those who are in it for mutual gain, not just themselves. Blood doesn’t matter. Obligation is not honorable. Self-centeredness is self-centeredness regardless of the fluid flowing in your veins. If 1+1 doesn’t equal 3, reconsider your time, energy, or financial investment in them. Life is growth, not self-sacrifice. It’s ok to win together, always. 

A Simple Exercise for Creating Success

Grab a pen and paper and create two lists. 

List one: write down the people in your life you who deeply believe in you and encourage you toward your dreams. Then, reflect on why there aren’t more.

List two: write down the names of the people who provide resistance and fuel doubt in your life and business. Then reflect on why anyone is on this list. Why have any on that list?

Obligation, a shared history, and blood are not solid answers. Increase your champions and eliminate your resistance, and watch an entirely new life emerge.

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