Do you have old windows and doors that let in the cold and noise? Do you want to save on heating or air conditioning? Or if you are concerned about improving the energy efficiency of your home and you want to reform your house, we will give you all the details so that you are able to choose the type of windows that best suit your needs. Buying windows is something that happens very rarely in life. Therefore, people who face this situation do not want to make mistakes when choosing them. The decision is not usually easy, because there are a lot of types of windows, different models and varieties in each model, types of materials and benefits according to our choice. Therefore, we will always advise you to be advised by qualified professionals, capable of studying each project from scratch to determine the best solutions to specific needs. We have compiled all the information available to answer the question what windows and doors I choose? With a step-by-step guide written in the simplest way and without going into technical details windows and doors Aurora.

.How to choose the type of windows and doors that best suits your home?

Not all windows are the same, you know, and more so if you have already started to investigate this world. Each material, each complement, each design decision has positive and negative points, making them more suitable for some needs or others, for some areas or others, to solve some challenges or others.

What points should you take into account to choose your windows and doors?

First of all, we must consider the type of profile that best suits our needs: PVC, aluminum or wood. Second, glazing is a fundamental element in determining the performance of a window and its greater orientation towards solving certain problems or challenges. We must also define what type of opening is the best for us based on how our interior and exterior spaces are and the type of use that we are going to give it. The shape of the windows is also a very important aspect when deciding on one manufacturer or another.

Increasingly, the degree of energy efficiency of a window is a fundamental decision element due to its greater contribution to savings, comfort and quality of life for families. Finally, another of the trends that are here to stay is the concern for the aesthetics of the windows, becoming decisive elements for the style and decoration of the different spaces.

Types of windows according to the type of profile

Profiling is the type of material from which window frames and sashes are made. Each material has a series of characteristics and properties that translate into specific benefits for users. Therefore, it is very important to correctly choose the type of profile that best suits our needs.

Wooden windows

Wooden windows are the most traditional option. Wood is a good natural insulator and aesthetically they are very attractive. In addition, it can be worked with relative ease, giving rise to true works of craftsmanship. However, it also has its drawbacks. It is the most expensive material, both in cost and maintenance. Wood absorbs moisture, which can cause it to swell, crack, and curve, and is more affected by pollution and exposure to changes in temperature and sunlight. This affects its thermal and acoustic insulation properties. In addition, despite being a natural material, the production of wooden windows causes the felling of numerous areas of forests and the consequent impact on the environment.