Winds are the voices of Earth’s many songs. Waters are the dances and instruments of it all. It truly is a pleasure (and a beauty) to hear the synchronicity of water and song. How enchanting they are in their movement towards nature’s acoustics. They are part of a euphoria for dances when it comes to moving through our natural desire of movement and freedom. Let us not forget that winds and waters are more than simple elements, which decorates the Earth’s jewel. On the contrary, they are humanity’s way of maneuvering into the realm of fantasy. For their very sound, alone, grants us the power for doing such.

Place such fantastical elements in music and one has the awakening for moving into a higher ascension than what can ever be imagined. Yet, what so many people do not realize is that ascension does not always have to be a tedious journey. There are times when it can be playful and light-hearted. Things don’t always have to be rough and hard, when elevating one to the next journey-not at all. In fact, our ascension can move us in the manner (and way) of children. Playful. Adventurous. Delightful. With all the joy that one can muster! We can actually enjoy the elevation into our higher frequency level. For love is part of the package.

Now entering into the world of Chinese landscapes. Ah! It’s the land. For the land is part of the very process of healing. Nevertheless, land and healing are partners in the very dynamic of a loving atmosphere. When women and men have engaged in holistic dynamics with the land, the daily tasks and responsibilities become much more easygoing and fluid. Like the air, life becomes a breeze. As the way with waters, life moves us into a state of ease. As usual, it takes the right songs, instruments, and voices to do it!

We are here in Chinese landscapes, and a certain timber floats into the atmosphere. Isn’t it a way for love? Isn’t it a watery delight into the very dynamics of love? It takes the right voice; the right feminine, sound!

Listen. Listen softly. Listen closely. Just listen. How do the waters feel? What does it mean to feel the winds rush through one’s hair? Touching one’s face? Does one even feel the majesty of sprinkles touching the healing essence on the surface of one’s skin? There are glamorous layers, and softer delights, when we attach our sensitivity to the texture of Earth’s waters and winds. Clearly, it just feels, so right. It feels like that natural vibe. Everything lays awakened and nurtured, when it comes to the serenity of listening to the Earth’s secrets and silent gaze.

When you come across a dame, who exhibits that playful nature of the Earth’s momentum, hold onto them. Treasure them as deeply as you can. ❤ Preserve their sound, that it may move one into a lasting dance with the Divine. Afterall, Earth and Heaven should work together, in the manifestation of the Most High’s plan. It should. And the singers, who are gifted with such delicate power, awaken the ecstasy for healing, within the land.

Wind and waters. Yes. They do mix. They are Earth’s natural twins. Through it all, they come to move healing into greater heights. Sound and mind are healed through these natural euphorias. They transform our ability to heal others; guiding our steps, while on healing’s journey.

Let’s heal our minds in one domain of Chinese landscapes. For we can heal our energies, in every single, way!

Bai Hong