Here follow author selected, introductory excerpts from her latest, Amazon US bestselling book;

‘Wings for Life: Your Pathway To Freedom After Emotional Upheaval’


My Story

…In beautiful Cape Town, to the outsider, we seemingly had it all; a huge, celebrity style beachfront mansion with outdoor pool suspended from the side of a mountain; spa, steam room and jacuzzi, luxury cars, full time, live-in staff including a chef, and a busy social agenda with new friends.

The abuse subsided for six months but then gradually, behind closed doors, escalated to a level that most would scarcely believe. I spoke to no-one about my terrifying ordeal, as I tried to hold everything together for my young children.

“I was a flightless bird; trapped in the most   beautiful, gilded cage.”

By now sleeping apart for a long time, I later discovered I had been secretly filmed 24/7 in my bedroom and bathroom for months. I was followed daily by covert private detectives, looking for evidence of any wrong doing.

I was locked into and out of my home – sometimes with my children anxiously waiting, or crying, on the other side of the door. I had my personal items raided often, and my cell phone confiscated numerous times, or thrown over the side of the mountain.

On one occasion, I was falsely accused of threatening physical behaviour towards my former husband, and forced to give fingerprints like a hardened criminal. Placed in handcuffs, I was frog marched out of my home by the local police – as alarmed neighbours watched in disbelief – then thrown into a police van in the dead of night, whilst my distraught children were made to watch by their gloating father.

On another occasion, I was strip searched in front of leering police officers in my own home to satisfy my husband’s insistence that I had stolen something valuable from him and ‘hidden’ it…. This was South Africa. The rules are somewhat different there.

My life back then was a living hell. Day after day another horrifying incident would occur – some just too disgusting to write about. My weight plummeted until I was wretchedly thin. I kept myself afloat with rock solid self belief, resilience and my intense love for my children…


How Did It Come To This?

When you hit rock bottom and there’s no place lower to go, what do you do? Give up?

No! You dig deep and rise to the challenge.

When life throws you a huge curve ball that you can’t easily defend yourself from, do you fall over and stay down?

Of course not! You get up and play smarter next time.

When you’ve never knowingly done harm to anyone, and someone turns your world upside down, inside out, and then tries to hold your head under water for good measure, do you give up without a fight? Do you let them win? 

NEVER! You stand up and fight for what you know to be true and right.

For the right to lead a happy, purposeful life.

On your own terms.

But, quite honestly? When serious upheaval and turmoil do become a reality, what’s the very first thing you feel like doing? Curling up in a ball? Disappearing from sight? Soldiering on like nothing has changed?

Well please don’t do any of those things!

Instead? I want you to get real about your situation. I’m going to show you a much better way!

To know that you didn’t create this reality. But to also believe that you do have the power to change it.

You’ll decide what you want the outcome of this situation to be. Then you’ll work towards that outcome with every single ounce of your being. And let no-stand in your way.

Because it all starts with you…


You Can Do This!

A shift in mindset changes everything. Seriously! And turbulent times certainly call for a big review of your inner world. Your inner ‘game’ as some like to call it.

First of all? You need to cast off any limiting beliefs about what you should or shouldn’t be doing right now. Because often, it’s not only others planting seeds of doubt and uncertainty in our minds about what we’re capable of, or what we’re ‘allowed’ to do – it’s us! We’re our own worst enemies!

Our fears and negative thoughts can keep us stuck in the wrong place, or with the wrong partners, for far too long.

But guess what?

These are just thoughts.

And thoughts can be changed.

Recognise that you have a choice right now to change your thoughts, your situation. 

Your whole life.


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  • Sarah Virág

    Confidence Coach, Writer & Bestselling Author

    Sarah Virág BA (Hons) is a UK based Confidence Coach, Writer, Amazon #1 Bestselling Author of 'Wings for Life', Columnist, Mother of three and lifelong Nomad.