Nadia Bradley

If you are looking to make money on Instagram the best way is to partner with brands and businesses that pay you to create content and share it with your followers. Leveraging your followers/audience on Instagram has become a lucrative way to make money online.

Being your own boss and making money can be a reality to you if you follow my five tips that I follow everyday.

Define Your Niche

With over 800 million active users on Instagram it’s important to figure out what niche you are in. Whether you are in fitness, sports, modeling, or the food industry try and pick one so you can connect with your followers more.

Post High Quality Content

The quality of images or videos that you share with people will determine whether they follow you or not. If your pictures are clear and high quality or your videos are clean and can inspire, make someone laugh or teach something to someone you will gain more followers.

Many digital influencers will invest in cameras and programs that allow them to create and edit for high level content.

It’s also important to take the time to create a well thought out caption. Using a good caption and creating hashtags that go along with what you are posting will help you bring awareness to your page as well.

Create a Posting Schedule

It’s as simple as Instagram wants users to use and be on their app. Instagram actually rewards people who post frequently. The way that their algorithm works is that if you are consistently posting you will appear higher on peoples news feeds.

So depending on how many times you are posting in one day be consistent and create a schedule. This also allows your audience to anticipate your post.

Partner with Brands That Are in Your Niche

Reaching out to brands once you have reached 5,000 followers and pitching to them on collaborations is important to land partnerships. Expect that you will hear no. But stay consistent on reaching out and following up with different brands as well. If you are posting high quality content and have a good following you have a greater chance at landing a collaboration.

Interact With Your Audience

The key is to engage with your followers. Your audience feels like they are able to connect with you on a deeper level. Be authentic and share your honest opinion on your page. This creates a community around personal or business brands.

A great way to interact and engage with your followers Is by going live on your page, posting different IG stories and asking questions to your followers maybe on your captions. Reply to comments on your posts and reply to your DMs.

Asking your followers feedback is a great way to understand who they are and helps strengthen the relationship between you and them.

If you are interested in learning more about Nadia, or want to connect with her, you can do so by visiting her on Instagram at the handle @Nadia.


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