Joan Robison

Joan Robison, is currently a Senior Executive with Colorstreet and has developed a multi-million team.

From just a little girl, Joan grew up working her family’s business on weekends and after school, and more than just a job, she discovered her passion for helping people.

It was from there that she went on to get her degree, specializing in fashion and merchandising, which then landed her a position as part of the executive management team at Nordstrom.

After having her son, Miles (now 24-years old), she realized that she was missing out on things that were going to eventually be monumental in his life – things like, driving him to and from school every day and attending his soccer games.

Her corporate job didn’t provide her the flexibility she now wanted and the time she wanted to spend with her boy, and that is when she decided to begin her direct sales career.

Joan joined a direct sales company nearly 20 years ago, and her venture started like many others do; she purchased a company business kit with excitement that rapidly turned to fear when she realized she was afraid of what people were going to think of her.

She never knew anyone that had truly succeeded in direct sales. It took some failing and a few learning experiences for her to realize that if she follows the action steps listed in her company’s “Success Plan”, she will find the success listed in the company’s “Success Plan”.

Joan credits her 90-day run to this revelation, and before she knew it, she was celebrating victories, big and small.

Joan recalls how two weeks before she was introduced to the company that would forever change her life, she wrote down what success looks like for her.

The things she wrote down included: having my own business, working from home, freedom and flexible hours, helping women in the fashion industry, spending time with Miles (helping him with his homework, be there for him, enjoy his childhood), making 6-figures, make enough money to vacation, and the list went on.

After spending her time and energy consistently on her business for over a year, she was able to quit her full-time corporate job completely.

Finally, she was achieving the success and living the life she designed for herself. Joan, however, makes it very clear that she couldn’t have done so alone.

If it weren’t for the inspiration to be more of a hands-on Mother to Miles, the knowledge gained from many of the greats; Jim Rohn, Joyce Myers, and John Maxwell, she wouldn’t have accomplished the things she has. Her why had to be bigger than her fear.

In her first 12 years in the field, Joan built multiple multi million-dollar sales teams.

With a winning combination of being a top leader in the field and leading many top corporate sales teams, Joan has empowered multiple leaders to develop six figure incomes by supporting them to create more time, freedom, and opportunities to make a difference.

Joan has earned numerous awards of distinction that recognized excellence in Sales, Recruiting and Leadership development.

Among those accolades, on the corporate end of direct sales, Joan has partnered with companies ranging from seasoned to start-up.

She has created customized training and has led many company initiatives to roll out new programs. She assesses the needs of her clients while working with them to produce actionable results.

Joan is a high-energy keynote speaker who will tailor training for audiences ranging from small groups to thousands of attendees at both National and Regional events.

Her unique combination of inspiration, humor and results-driven content gives her the ability to connect from stage to audience. Attendees will feel like they just had a one-on-one experience!

Currently, she has taken what she says her third and final run in the field and in a little over one year risen to the top of her company and with over 2.5 million in sales serving over 1,000 new direct sellers. By anyone’s standards, Joan is a success!

When we asked Joan what advice she has for those who are considering taking the leap of faith into entrepreneurship, this was what she said, “What do you have to lose? No one says you must quit what you are currently doing completely.

Consider how you’ll feel a year from now when you see those who had the courage to pursue the things that you didn’t. The journey of entrepreneurship is not easy, but it is worth it.”

Despite Joan’s overwhelming success, she takes a lot of pride in being real and relatable.

When she’s not working, you can find Joan chasing Miles up Camel-back Mountain or running around the soccer field with him.

She shared with us that she can whip up a mean meal in the kitchen, and when she could use some personal time, she enjoys participating in yoga.

If you’d like to learn more about Joan’s journey to success, you can check out her websites at:

You can also connect with her via Instagram (@joanrobison) and her YouTube channel (Joan Robison).


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