We often grow up reading articles about how to succeed at love or how to reach our dreams, but in the midst of actually living life, we might wake up one day and see we ‘lost’ ourselves following what others deem the ‘best way’ to have the things we want. Amongst the tears, sweat and sleep, of my self-awareness, I’m finding it helpful to capture concrete ideas about navigating this nebulous, ambiguous awakening journey.  

1. Research your soul fillers: Find the things you love, like running, cooking, being with friends, yoga, meditation etc., and take some time reflecting on when you felt the most joy, the most filled and jot it down. Do more of what you love and allow it to support your life. 

2. Make a wish list: It’s time to write down the best of the best of the things you want in life. Don’t constrain yourself with not having time or money. Wish and dream. Make a list and see what’s possible.  

3. Talk to family/spouse about your wish list—your needs—and how they can help you take a step towards fulfilling at least one. This is a must. Look at your list together and start to have a conversation about what could really be doable.

4. Declare your SELF-CARE Rules: If you run a household full of rules, clear your plate, so to speak, make your bed, clean up your room, be kind to each other, and then create your self-care rules that you have to follow. Start where it feels doable.  

5. Enlist self-care advocates. As much as we want to be able only to rely on ourselves to be accountable, it’s hard and having a support system to cheer you along, without judgments, can actually ensure your success. Take time each day to check in with your self-care advocates, to let them know you’re following your rules. 

6. Don’t beat yourself up: Any new activity can cause difficulty and be tough to start and then stick with. So don’t beat yourself up and allow for the unexpected. Try to look at it as a way to learn more about yourself, make tweaks to the plan as you need, breathe and flow through.

Now go get yourself back. Joy and wholeness are waiting for you.

Affirmation: I have a plan towards self-care and I will honor it.

Post is an excerpt from Liz Kametz’ soon to be released book: “Just Be: My Healing Journey to Embrace the Mess”.

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