Increased security. Better property appeal. Greater energy savings.\Installing or replacing interior and exterior doors can modernize your home and improve an essential part of your daily life and that of your family. Winnipeg Pros hired to perform quick service contracts are certified and rigorously vetted, resulting in superior service to our customers. Valued customers.


Guaranteed results

With professional windows and doors Winnipeg performed by The NorthShield, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Choose from hundreds of stylish windows and doors Winnipeg to suit your unique home needs.

Financing solutions

We offer flexible financing options that will help you better manage your home improvement budget with the NorthShield Consumer Credit Card and NorthShield Project Loan. 


Whether you are looking to replace an exterior door or install a front door, our installation services provide you with a hassle-free and smooth process, where we guarantee your results and satisfaction.

1 Home consultation

  • Make a free appointment with a NorthShield design consultant to tour exterior and interior door style options.
  • An appointment will be set at a time convenient for you to take final measurements and provide you with an estimate.
  • Make sure you have purchased a complete lock and handle set before installing the door.

2 Professional installation

  • On a predetermined date and time, the installer will deliver your new doors to you and install them. It will remove your current doors and dispose of them, then install the new ones.

3 Inspection

  • Once the project is complete, your installer will inspect your new doors, confirm that the project was completed to your satisfaction, and dispose of your old doors for safe disposal.

What you need to know about our door installation service in Winnipeg

  • Doors fitted : all doors installed by means of the door installation service are fitted
  • Purchases before Installation: While your door installation will include professional installation of a custom-made door perfectly suited to your home, you should pre- purchase and have deadbolts, handle set, and any other locks. Available during your installation appointment.
  • Removing Your Old Door: Your door installation process includes the removal and safe disposal of the old door and its frame to free up space and install your new mounted door. 

Door installation services we provide

  • Installation of pocket doors
  • Installation of storm doors
  • Installation of screen doors
  • Installation of patio doors
  • Installation of interior doors
  • Installation of exterior doors
  • Installation of entrance doors
  • Installation of sliding doors
  • Installation of double doors
  • Installation of cat flaps
  • … And more!

Discuss your options with a NorthShield installer and get the right interior or exterior door installation for your home!