With Christmas right around the corner, many wonder how exactly we’re all going to participate in the traditions we know and enjoy without putting our family and friends and ourselves at risk. It’s a strange thought that those holiday get-togethers who were once loved are now tinged with a touch of worry. So, is it possible to have a happy Christmas when health and safety issues are at the center of everyone’s minds?

The answer is yes, with the understanding that things won’t look the same as years past. It may be essential to skip holiday traditions for a while and now set your sights on scheduling dinners and celebrations on Zoom. We must all strive to create a social bubble to enjoy these holidays in a new and different way.

Winter is Here

There is no doubt that the winter of 2020 will be more challenging to cope with. It has been months of doing almost all our activities from home, and now we are more used to seeing our children having online school while working remotely. But now, we will be on vacation together for a couple of weeks; this has pushed us to seek activities that keep the whole family entertained indoors or outdoors but away from the crowds.

Enjoying outdoor winter activities with our little ones can be limited to certain hours, or perhaps there will be days in which we cannot go out even to our backyard because it is cold outside.

Let the Fun at Home Begin

After a school year in front of a computer, I think our kids will be open to trying new games and activities that do not involve screen time. This time will be our chance to teach them how to build things out of quilts and pillows or how fun and relaxing it is to enjoy a hiking trail together.

So it doesn’t matter if your children are preschoolers or teenagers, they always value the time we share as a family. As a parent, I know that it is hard to find time to look for things to do with our kids. I hope this list of indoor and outdoor activities that everyone can do safely this winter help you since we will need that togetherness in this holiday season.

Stargaze Around a Firepit

Cuddle up by the outdoor firepit and spend a cozy night looking at the stars with your family. Gather round and tale scary stories, sing-along Christmas carols, and have some hot chocolate together for a lovely evening with a holiday spirit.

Go Sledding in the Snow

Sledding may come at a lower risk, mainly if you participate in them on your own or as a household. Wake up after a heavy snow calls for a day of sledding with the whole family. With hiking up and down, this activity is excellent for exercise and have fun at the same time.

Build a Cozy Blanket Fort

On those days when temperatures drop, and it’s too cold to go out, build your best fort with pillows and blankets so you can lie down and play with the little ones or read a good book in an indoor campout experience.

Plan a Holiday Movie Night

Make some popcorn, pick a great Christmas movie, and get ready for a beautiful evening together. This activity is one of my favorites because it is perfect for all ages. You can enjoy it with kids and grown-ups.

Go Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing is a perfect beginner sport and outdoor activity. Choose an easy trail suitable for all ages. Just make sure to wear the right snowshoes, waterproof boots, and dress in layers. Find here more information about snowshoeing.

Have Camping Night at Home

In the depths of winter, give your kids a taste of summer and make them feel like they are enjoying an indoor campout. Spend the night in a sleeping bag sharing family stories. Turn the lights off and set up twinkling lights to look like stars.

Happy Holidays to You

As parents, we must seriously take our children’s entertainment as it is part of their physical and mental well-being.

Let’s talk with our children about how the holidays will be different this year, that we can’t visit Grandpa and Grandma for their safety. Our kids must realize that staying home for Christmas doesn’t have to be dull or sad. Get creative together and find new ways to have happy holidays.

Stay safe and have fun. Wear face masks if you go out into open spaces where people you don’t live with could be. Find information on the use of face masks in kids here