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The late legendary poet, philosopher & crooner, Gil Scott-Heron noted and forecasted many a journey, such as “Winter in America,” and “The Revolution will not be Televised.”

I humbly expand upon his notions in that the revolutionS will most certainly not be intended to be televised, rather the distractions from the roots of them are…Yes, this is Winter in America and it should be noted the fires are cold flames, with points of ice spears. [t.g.i cell phone cameras]

I think the wrong “syllable” has garnered the focus as one of the revolutions afoot, “led” by the party of tea and far right who are claiming ownership to their “revolution.” Theirs is not a movement I choose to be involved in, however I am definitely affected by it barbs and thorns.

I elect to join the evolution/revolution of like-minded souls who seek to open their arms to inner truths while keeping open their auditory canals. I hear you, me, them and those “others” and find points of commonality in all members of our race.

Homo Sapienistic Alturistic NowNows

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