Winter is Dark and Wet

In the season of Winter, our earth hibernates. She goes inward harboring water, nutrients, seedlings and potential.
In the season of Spring, combustive energy dominates. Nature desires expansion, to break out, crack open the casings and push up and through the soil to reach sunlight for growth.

Meditation is much like the sun – all powerful, holder of heat and a constant source of energy.

Meditation is that warm blanket when the world gets rough
Meditation is a shoulder to cry on
Meditation is a mother’s comforting bosom
Meditation is a non-judgemental friend
Meditation is the therapist to validate all psychoses
Meditation is a trusted confidante

I have been meditating for the better part of 20 years. Moving meditation, chewing meditation, walking meditation, in-relationship meditation and seated stillness meditation. But today’s morning meditation for me was the definition of Winter is Dark and Wet. In the wee early hours of the morning, tears came flooding out.   Dark and Wet

All day, every day — pushing, driving, going, churning, reaching, chasing. My body and emotions could not take it anymore. All I wanted to do was curl up into a tiny ball, be held, be soothed and promised that everything was going to be alright. I could see down to myself from a 20,000 foot view with the intelligence of knowing, believing and trusting that, in fact, everything was going to be better than alright. But I had to go through the process, awareness, neutral witness and compassion. In that moment, this little seedling in Winter was cracking open the casing into Spring. Pushing, growing, seeking and receiving the greater forces within and all around me. This experience was greater than me. This experience transformed me. Raw and human moments like this leave me feeling light, free, unstoppable, trusting, vulnerable and alive.

Upon whatever growth precipice you stand, take heed. Lean into the moment, receive, be curious and crack that heart wide open. I look forward to ushering you through the crusted Winter soil to a bright and vibrant Spring forward.

Spring is Light and Bright!