In most areas of Canada, the grass goes down when winter get its peak. In the Edmonton, cold weather periods are often over seeded in the grass field to maintain the greenery of a lawn. But in some sides it is so cold and difficult for grass to grow, so we let that duration pass and wait calmly for spring, sometimes under the snow. However this is not a dead line that we cannot do the lawn care in the winter. Here are some important winter lawn care tips suggested by the Lawn Care Edmonton.


Apply Fertilization with spreader.

If you move the machine back and away to the grass, hold the handle as a trigger, release the pads when take action. Follow the directions mentioned at fertilization package. Just apply the suggested amount because the overuse may burn and damage your lawn.

Lawn Aeration

Make some excess air for the bases when listening to your garden or lawn. Use shovel to cut spikes on the ground throughout your lawn and to make holes while planting seeds. If you have busy schedule or your lawn is a big one so you can hire a motorized aerator or professional persons for manual working.

Insert Cold weather Seeds

In the winter you should buy the “cold weather” seeds. You can spread the seeds over the lawn with hands or with the same spreader you have already used for the process of fertilization. Just try to sprinkle the seeds fairly and carefully to get the better results and maximum beauty.

Raking and Watering

For the purpose of raking drag a comb over the lawn to clean the bottom and separate the soil parts so that the seeds can mix in it smoothly.

Then water the grass using the sprayer of the hose. Then keep the soil wet and do not allow it to dry.

More Winter Lawn Care Tips

  • It is really very important that to not to leave any junk, dry leaves or toys on the surface of lawn in which you are seeding. These items can lubricate the lawn, and insert diseases in the organic process and also attracts the insects, rats and other harmful pests.
  • Lower the mower with a slope or two at the last cut. Long-standing grass can prevent disease-causing illness and the risk freezing. Do not cut the grass to much so that the plant is exposed to extreme conditions.
  • Under a snowy layer or exposed to elements, loose grass allows moderate traffic, but a heavy tread road is slowly growing in spring and causes compression.
  • The peat or turf grass is very strong and has tolerance to bear the uttermost winter, but some circumstances can be dangerous in the long run. It is very worthy to remove the small and exposed Edmonton Snow from lower spots, if you know that a winter storm or extreme frozen conditions are approaching.

Winters are erratic and can affect your lawn in the extreme weather conditions. The best thing you can do is make sure the herbs are healing correctly, if you put the grass in correct order, you then you can put your intentions on maintaining your sidewalks and snowmen. Do not forget to update yourself from the upcoming weather and in conditions of need please do contact with your local Snow Removal Edmonton Professionals to help you perfectly and save your assets.