And then some days your mind is totally in chaos and confusion.

You wake up doing your best routine as you can, following tips and prompts and ideas melted up to boost healthy your mindset.

You wake up early, when your house is still sleeping and you feel like this moment is completely yours. You get your breakfast: seeds, granola, no caffeine, matcha tea. you get your cold shower. you make your yoga exercises. you pray.

And still, something does not work. Your mind is in confusion as if you miss something you can’t name. You are gasping.

The mess of you undone goals is a picture of ink on your notepad.

A new troupe of shining and intimidating ideas are gathering in your mind as clouds into a summer sky.

And still you feel restless. If someone was observing you, you would look like a fly trying to find a way out hitting the transparent glass of a window.

Why this? What to do to get your personal and resolvent way out?

I’m writing on purposes. I believe words can heal and sharing experience through words can spread a domino effect to mend loneliness, anxiety and how-to-do to overcome.

Here you are my personal and experienced recipe: a path to take advantage from chaos and confusion.

To Allow to settle. Doing action leading to an emotional and strategic detachment from your toughts, practicing something producing an immediate outcome. (e.g. tyding; doing the laundry; ironing; doing a scrub).

To Sit and breathe. For a while, just sit and breathe: in your mind will blink your leading idea, the main goal of your day. everydoby has got its own. Everyone knows what is it. (For me, as a freelance writer, will be searching my next topic. What will be yours? Feel free to text them below).

To Do the undone. As far as it is possible, you can end your postponed goals and overlooked ideas, by mentally or phisically going down the list. It can happen two things, depending on the clutter they are lying in: something will appear still meaningful. something else, not. By this split, you will be the emperor of your day! Because you will recognise how to really start your day. How to contain chaos.

Less is more: start with something with a dealine, I mean you are somehow forced to do it. Let you go to the external power of setting, ouside of you ,a time in which something has to be accomplished. (e.g. that writing contest you want to join; that vacancy you want apply for, etc. ).

To take as much time as you need. Whitout breaking into the course of things. When your mind is in confusion, it is creating. It is creating the conditions for you to create. If that nagging feeling that you are missing something still persists, it means the problem is another one: you are missing something that requires you to be bolder. Everyone knows what its name is. (for me, writing a book. What about yours? feel free to write it down).

To be open to the unexpected.

Let’s recap:

a) daily mind confusion: done

b) how to get away from it: done

..and then while you are driving your daughter to school and your car wheels are turning on your way back home, that comfort zone where a plenty of things to do are waiting for you, — because now the picture is clear and you know how to do — here it comes, the unexpected in the shape of an invitation to go and listen a classic music concert rehearsals. And now you are there, sitting in a red velvet armchair. Are you procrastinating? No. You are picking up the best way to come out of it: let it go. You simply surrender to the wonder of life itself . So now you can really start again.