Many of the issues we deal with on an everyday basis is because we see around us and feel others have what we want. The fundamental flaw with this thinking is the belief of scarcity and thinking that because they have it, we can't. This type of thinking takes up much of our time, energy and mental resources. Focusing on yourself and truly believing in abundance can be life changing.  

It’s never to late to change

You may be spending a good part of your day looking at how others around you, personally and professionally, seem to get everything they want. They are more confident, seem to achieve their goals, appear to be generally happy. I am not here to tell you that they are not, they have struggled etc. I am here to tell you that you just wasted a few hours pining away when in that time you could have read something interesting, finished up a project, planned for a healthy dinner - It's not too late. Right here and now, you can change. Stop focusing on others. Start focusing on your to do list, your personal goals and take the time to read through what you should be doing to achieve that. 

Change will not come overnight – you have to work on it every minute

Now that hopefully you have started thinking about what you want, you will not automatically keep focusing on that. Every minute of your day, you will have to practice, the moment your thoughts go back to others, distract yourself with a fun video, an interesting read, a project plan. The focus here is not to start wishing well, helping others etc (we will come to this in a bit) . The focus is indifference towards others. Here you are just practicing how to focus on yourself and what you want to achieve.

Build out your goals and a plan to achieve them

Now that you have shifted the focus to YOU, write down goals and identify  tactics to achieve them. This is a good place to start scrounging the internet for advice. Right here across Thrive you will find several compelling posts on achieving your goals. Pick a few tactics that you will follow every day. It's not going to be easy, it will require mind share and determination but it will be very fulfilling given everyday you will be working towards a better YOU. You will have to detach yourself from others for some time to focus on this but it will be totally worth it. Soon enough you will start achieving those small milestones that will fuel your determination to achieve more. 

Now let’s wish well for everyone

As you start achieving your goals, you will feel comfortable and confident in helping others do the same. As you go through this process of helping others, you will find that they reciprocate (not always!) but the experience makes you grow more. You will have objective chats with others around you and get ideas to further your cause as well. The key here is to still not get too attached to their outcomes. Help them but unconditionally also help them but not at the expense of your goals and your time. As you do this you will realize how different everyone's goals are. how everyone wants different things in life and how you can support each other - There is plenty to go around for everyone.