Like many of the songs about Love and Understanding, a good spirit of laughter, coupled up with a gentle and light heart can help us navigate the mesmerizing world we are living in. Some simple questions arise in the mind – new adult questions – whom to trust? where and when to go? with whom? what to do with the present in my hands? – pray or act – and how to visualize the future? (although my face seems to be remaining the same funny young one).

The values of trying and of courage have been inculcated in my little life experience by my father, always saying “Andiamo Avanti”– let us continue further . These two words have always been flying around my head, in all the travels , from West to East, that i have been undertaking. Never give up, but instead, take a little coffee and have a chat with a friend, listen to a song, swim, and start again.

If you are in a room, full of stranger, what would you do? entertain, establish eye contact, smile and strike a joke. Feel the room, understand what people wish, what they are looking for, why they are there.

The heart rules, and Amor vincit Omnia, but education and knowledge (your head) always needs to be fresh, well-fed and happy to discuss and find new ideas for improvement & for achieving common objectives and goals. If we truly believe in what we do, we always need teamwork – as I say, makes the Dream work!-

Today it is a very special day for my heart – I guess, although I am living and working in a Muslim country, Jesus calls me on very special moments – All Saints’ Day, 1 November. It is like a little call, and God tells me “Leave the Door open”. I would like to remember my lovely Dar, the partner of my beloved great-uncle Vito, who sent me her book to read, Reignite Joy, available on Amazon – Chapter 3: Jesus looked at them and said “with man, this is impossible, but with God, all things are possible” – Matthew 19:26 NIV

On this day, and always, believe in true love, and be passionate about life. God leads the way.