“Within a short time we will be talking about the 2018 goals we are aiming at and how best to achieve them,” said Brian A. Cohen, The Long Island Speakers Bureau. “I will tell you right now that one of the biggest roadblocks to overcome is confidence.”

Our confidence is the foundation of our success, but what role does our eating and exercise habits play? What about our self-image? How can we build confidence when we neglect our well-being causing a negative impact on our self-image?

I don’t believe body weight should dictate our level of confidence, but I do believe, for some or for many, our self-image is tied to our appearance, and our appearance is tied to our confidence.

Cohen writes in his article, 2018 Goals Start Now, Eating Well Equals Success, “you may never fully reach your goal; but when your confidence allows you to enjoy the journey then you will be enjoying a new lifestyle. You will not see anything as a sacrifice. It will just be a choice.” As a businessman, presenter, and entrepreneur, Cohen, like others, realizes that our confidence is not solely based on our knowledge; it is also based on how we present ourselves.

Imagine if a speaker walked onto the stage dressed in dirty clothing to present their well-researched concepts to an audience. Would their valuable message resonate with those who are listening? It’s doubtful. Chances are the audience will not hear any message because the perception is that the presenter lacks confidence. The audience decides in an instant to tune in or tune out. ‘Dirty clothing’ is a euphemism for an unhealthy lifestyle. While our appearance is visible to others, our inner workings are only known to us, yet our inner workings invariably will show on the outside.

In yet another example, if a sports team took the field in dirty uniforms, the perception by spectators would be that they are the losing team. Do you know of an athlete who would take the field after eating unhealthy food or fasting for any length of time? One would not be considered a successful athlete.

We know the type of food we eat. We know what portion size is healthy and how often we exercise. When these components of lifestyle are healthy and work in tandem, we exude confidence to achieve success both personally and professionally regardless of our body weight. Our eating style either makes us feel confident, or not.

Making healthy living a lifestyle is an everyday occurrence. The day of the week or month of the year will not matter. Healthy living is a mindset that is permanent, and does not rely on the latest diet fad or any of the magical products seen on-line or on commercial TV.

Thankfully, we have the capacity to recreate our self-image to one that allows our confidence to shine.

  1. Know your goal: A goal is not a number on the scale. I think we get too caught up with the numbers, and you are so much more than that number. Your goals should be related to what you want to manifest. You may want a particular style of clothing to fit well, or may want to avoid or eliminate medications. It may be higher career aspirations you desire. Regardless of your goal, be sure to be specific in defining how to achieve it by using concrete strategies. Make it realistic, and continually work toward it. Many people think confidence is found by achieving a goal, but contrary to what many believe, confidence is built as you work on it. Once accomplished, it’s time for the next one.
  2. You will never fail at your attempt: There is only success! You might feel from time to time that you have failed. That’s the time to focus on success and nothing else. Make a list of every success, great and small, along the way, and use it to renew your successful mindset as needed!
  3. It’s takes a lifetime: Everyday you must shower and brush your teeth, but have you ever lamented, “Why do I have to do this for a lifetime?” No! Think of healthy living the same way. As long as you want your teeth to be clean you must brush them, and as long as your want your lifestyle to be healthy, you must live it. It is that simple.

“Eating the right foods, as Margaret Marshall talks about, is one factor and a very important one.” Cohen says. “It is your decision to be in control of you. The confidence you gain by knowing that you are being proactive will translate into you being able to be on a path to success in everything you aim to accomplish.”

In 2018 possibilities can be endless when your confidence shines. You are your own winning team!

Margaret Marshall The Healthy Living Expert is a media personality, an international speaker and the creator of “The Five Finger Food Guide”. She is the author of “Body, Mind & Mouth” and “Healthy Living Means Living Healthy”. She is an articulate communicator who employs realistic strategies to maintain a healthy mindset and lifestyle that result in successful career paths for her audiences. Contact Margaret today: www.MargaretMarshallAssociates.com

Margaret enjoys almost three decades in the wellness/weight loss industry. She had a seventeen- year run as a speaker and trainer for Weight Watchers and now is an international speaker who presents wellness programs for corporations such as:

Amtrak, Pepsi, JDA, Amex, Metlife, Cannon USA, National Grid, Sterling Equities, Fort Hamilton USAG, Time Inc, Time Warner Music, Verizon, Morgan Stanley, Sterling National Bank, KPMG, Neuberger Berman, Fordham University, Hofstra University, The New York College for Health Professions, Molloy College, United HealthCare, St. Francis Hospital, Winthrop Hospital, The Catholic Health System, The Mets Organization, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and Princess Cruises.

Her articles are published in The Huffington Post, Forbes.com, Thrive Global, and in news outlets, government publications, and women’s magazines, nationally and internationally. She appears on national and local television and radio programs, regularly.

Originally published at www.huffingtonpost.com