Before the Thrive Challenge, I felt tired all the time, and I was finding limited time to move around while I was at work. I have two small children, and I was having trouble keeping up with them. I would get through my day in a fog, just feeling unfocused and lethargic.

Thrive entered my life at the perfect time. 

I knew this was just the push I needed to remind me to make better choices and improve the quality of my life. I liked how simple the Microsteps were, and that adding one could make such a huge impact. I logged into the Thrive app and immediately signed up for two Microsteps.

The first was to drink a glass of water when I wake up. The second was to go outside for 20 minutes. I’m now drinking a gallon of water a day. For me, the hardest struggle has always been food. Not only has drinking more water helped me wake up faster, it’s also helped me significantly reduce portion sizes and make the conscious choice to choose the right foods over the wrong ones. My favorite new recipe is called “noatmeal,” which is a good substitute for oatmeal. It’s just chia seeds, flax seeds, cinnamon, a small amount of stevia, monk fruit, and milk.

I’m losing weight and feeling more energetic.

I’m an HR business partner, and need to have good relationships with my associates. But I felt like I could never leave the office. So I started scheduling time each day to get out on the floor. Not only has it been a really good thing for me physically, it’s also given me opportunities to speak to people and find out what’s going on in their lives. It’s established that connection, so when I find out an associate needs help, I know who the manager is talking about.

At home I can now run around with my kids more.

I have more energy to get them ready in the morning and play with them. Plus, I’ve been having better conversations with my husband in the evening, instead of just going straight to bed. And at night, I’m getting deeper sleep. I’m now starting a new 21-day Thrive Challenge, adding the Microstep of starting off a conversation with somebody by asking them a question. I like stacking my Microsteps and adding more, because I’ve already seen the positive effects from the first two.

I’m so happy about losing weight and having more energy — it’s made me constantly thankful to have more meaningful time with my family and to have a stronger impact on my associate base by being more present on the floor with them during my walks.

The Thrive Challenge has changed my life in more ways than one. 

I’m happier, healthier, and losing weight. It truly was not hard to commit to the Microsteps — and they become easier to incorporate as habits every day. For me, that’s the biggest selling point: that these small adjustments to your life can have such a huge impact.

Amanda Nardiello, Fulfillment Center #9042; Pedricktown, NJ; $5 Winner

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