What is your dream? What do you want to accomplish? How come you have not succeeded yet? A Chinese proverb said that the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is NOW. The timing is never perfect. You can keep postponing it, or you can chose to start moving. When you follow these 6 steps, you will set yourself up for success.

Step 1 Your purpose

What is your purpose in life? What legacy would you like to leave behind? This is a very difficult question and many people are searching for it their entire life. What might help is to look back at the moments in your life where you felt fulfilment, positive energy and gratitude. The moments that you were happy. Moments that you really made a difference. Where was this? How did it make you feel? What made this event so memorable? Feel how you felt back them. Go back to the core of this event. Think about all the details. What did you do? What was your role? Next, think about how you could duplicate events like this. It does not have to be exactly the same, but think about the essence and how you could do this again in a different setting, with different people. Finally, think about how it would make you feel to do this many times. Would you be bored after a few times and not as happy, fulfilled and energised as you were before? Then go back and find a different moment that will bring you more energy when you do more. You will feel it when you found it. The energy burst will reflect on everything you do. You found your purpose.

Step 2 Your identity

In the first step we looked at your role in life. In the second step we look at how you view yourself. Who are you? How do you see yourself? You may have found a great purpose in life, but if you see yourself as an ordinary, average person, you do not start off very confident. Make a list of at least 7 different characteristics of how you describe yourself. Then make a list of 7 different characteristics of how you would like to see yourself. What does the successful you look like? And now start acting like this new you. From now on, every decisions you make is based on the characteristics of the successful you. You can pull in off. Just do it!

Step 3 Your values and believes

If you believe you cannot do this, check out this video of Carol Dweck about growth mindset and fixed mindset. People with a fixed mindset think they cannot do certain things. They are so convinced they cannot do it, that they might try once, but they might as well not try it all, because they started with the idea they will not succeed anyway. People with a growth mindset on the other hand, think that anything can be learned. Some things are more difficult to learn than others, but as long as you keep trying, you will learn it eventually. And if you keep doing it, you will be a master in the end. Perseverance is the key to success! Values and beliefs are what you hold true, right or wrong. What values and beliefs are holding you back? Go to the root of this belief. Where does it come from? Are you not allowed to earn a lot of money because money is dirty? Or maybe the opposite, do you have to work around the clock and earn as much as you can? Most of these beliefs come from how you are raised. I was raised to save money. Be as frugal as possible. It is good to have money in the bank in case something happens. Enjoying a long shower, going our for dinner or traveling were out of the question. It was better to save money. This upbringing had a big influence on my money mindset.

Step 4 Your capabilities

You capabilities are your knowledge, skills and competences. What do you need to learn and master in order to achieve your dream? How could you do this? Can you sign up for a course? Can you find a coach or a mentor who can help you? From this step onwards it becomes easier, more practical. If you get stuck in your values and believes or simply decide to skip this step, you might run into trouble in step 4. If you think you cannot do something, you will not be able to do it. If you think it is not done to earn a lot of money and this is exactly what you need to create the impact you desire, then you will get stuck. If that happens you have to go back to your values and beliefs and sort that first. It is crucial for you to start this step with the mindset you need to succeed. If you do, you will be able to learn and master the knowledge and skills you need in no time!

Step 5 Your behaviour

Your behaviour is what you say and do: your performance, actions and reactions. If you set yourself up for success in step 1 until 4, now is the time to start harvesting. Spread your story, start networking and close that deal. In this step you might come to the conclusion that you are missing some skills to actually make it happen. Do not beat yourself up about it. This is part of the process! If you need help with your marketing, go find that help. Either try to master it yourself or pay someone to do it for you. There is always stuff that you dislike doing. Try to find someone who can do that for you. Keep that energy level up! At this stage there is so much to do and so many things to keep an eye on, that you might loose sight of the bigger picture. Every now and then, go back to why you are pursuing this in the first place. If you easily tend to get off track, measure your performance every week. Otherwise do it once a month. Check where you are. How far did you get last month in accomplishing your dream? What should you change or optimise to make an even bigger step next month?

Step 6 Your environment

Your environment is when, where and with whom. External factors or constraints you might face. In step 1 until 5 you have set yourself up for success. In what kind of environment would this success accelerate even further? What people belief in you? What people are contributing to your success? Can you spend more time with them? And also, what people are bringing you down? Can you spend less time with them or stop seeing them entirely? Which people might me able to help you? Where can you find them? Go where they are going. Learn from them and build a relationship. Finally, what kind of environment brings the best out of you? How can you spend more time in this environment? Do you like working in nature? Do you need inspiring people around you? Do you flourish in a blue or pink office? Whatever it is, make it happen! Find the perfect place, decorate, move, do anything you need to accelerate your success! You can do it. Go for it!

Are you ready for success? 

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