Somethings are for a moment, somethings are for an hour or two, but somethings are a daily habit. A habit that has no season. A habit for survival and thriving. Prayer is that habit. Some days surviving is enough, but in the long haul of life and it’s challenges, thriving is more expedient. Prayer is a part of the thriving toolkit. Growing up in rural NC can be challenging as well as rewarding. How you begin that life determines at what point prayer becomes a habit without ceasing. You may forget it when things seems to be going smoothly along the road. We all know life does not go smoothly down the road all day everyday. Prayer has been in my life through my Christian faith for quite a while. I’ve seen its results in my life over and over again. It’s been a key to “shalom, i.e., well being, wholeness in my life for several years. It was the Christian faith tradition of my great grandmothers, aunts, uncles, cousins and many friends. Does prayer work? To whom do I pray? Why do I pray? I study prayer from some great authors. My son passed away in 2015 and was in a nursing home for years before that, so our prayer together before I left every time time was “ Heal me and I shall be healed, save me and I shall be saved, You are my praise” Jeremiah 17:14 (The Bible, ESV) He was healed, he was saved and he gave praise because he was lifted to another place with no fears, no pain, no tubes, just a smile. Prayer made it possible. I practice prayer all day everyday. Sometime in large doses and other times in small does, Father help me. I attend prayer trainings because I believe in perfection. In another language, perfect means maturity, and I want to be mature in the discipline of prayer. Called upon by others to pray for them and their loved ones and situations, prayer at public events and coordinating prayer events in my region. I write prayers, I read other prayers and I listen to prayers fervently because my lifestyle dictates a strong prayer life. I could not imagine a life without the discipline of prayer. Does it work? Yes!