It is always being better than the rest. Today where social media is considered as the most elite and efficient stage for the showcase of one’s talent, young minds never fail to excite us with their compassionate perseverance.

To exaggerate the belief, we have India’s youngest social media influencers Ankur Thakur and Shiven Garg amongst us. Belonging from different cities, it was their passion that brought these young hearts together to accomplish such preserved position in the market today.

Ankur Thakur, from Delhi and Shiven Garg, from Hisar, unlike every other social media player had an aspiration, a dream to win fame and glorify their existence. Today being the owners of the company Digital Key Productions at just the age of 18, Ankur and Shiven have brought many social impressions abruptly into true reality.

To exclaim the journey, it is adorned with ups and downs, but what is important is that Ankur and Shiven never gave up. Whatever be the chase, they use to sit in front of the same screen and strive to eradicate and face every obstacle amidst, being loyal to their wisdom.

With the aim of becoming the best digital marketer in the world, Ankur and Shiven are currently recorded managing 50+ clients from all over the world with 50+ renowned singers from India.

Being inspired by their seniors, Ankur and Shiven have themselves become the source of inspiration. Setting their life as the lead, they urge their viewers and colleagues to bring in more practicality essence to their dreams and to chase after passive income. Whatever be the scene, to learn and explore will always win a treat.